Near-infrared kite aerial archaeology

Hi again :-)

We like to do aerial archaeology with our kites, and a couple of days ago the magnificent dr. John Wells donated us an infrared modified camera, a Pentax WG-10 with the IR block filter removed (an amazing gift, we are still in awe - sending big thanks).

So we took it for a test, and we flew the venerable Rokkaku over a field in Kašelj near Ljubljana, Slovenia, where a Roman villa rustica is supposed to be. And maybe - maybe! - we got something. The full report is here on our KAP website, a couple of photos are below.


Contrast-enhanced NIR photo of the field. Some structures are clearly visible.


NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) created from a near-infrared and a normal photo. NDVI brings out subtle differences in plant growth (wheat in this case) that sometimes correspond to bured walls and ditches.


Church of St. Andrew guarding the site. This is a normal KAP, shot with Canon A810.

And we got a preliminary reply from professional archaeologists we send these photos to: "Looks promising, worth a closer look and a second visit!" :-)


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