The Kite Meeting in Fano this year was an other wonderfull experience, the weather was ideal, the wind was gentle, the food was good, the BBQ was fun, the beer was fresh, the friendship was great... a fantastic get together of kiters with a few KAPers who all expressed that the idea of a next KAPi in Fano in 2020 would be ideal.

Wolfgang Bieck just opened a Facebook page for the next 2020 KAPiFANO which will take place June 18-21 during the International Kite Flyers meeting but which should be extended between June 14 and 24...

2020 KAPiFano is now a GO, we have time to plan, the idea is to gather KAPers during the largest Kite event in the world in a great location with fantastic KAP opportunities. (90% KAP and kite flying !)

Lodging is simple and rather cheap, you can rent a 2 or 3 bedroom cottage for roughly 100 Euros per day (Air BnB)
Cheaper options are available on some camping grounds with accomodation starting at 20 Euros per day per couple.
Traveling to Fano is simple it is either via Hambourg or Copenhague then with a rental car it takes roughly 3 hours. I tried both options I prefer via Hambourg (no speed limit on german highways… and a stop at Metropolis Drachen, right before the Danish border, is fun ! Metropolis Drachen is the largest kite store in Europe, not to mention you can do your grocery shopping right before crossing the Danish border at some very affordable prices !)

Some infos and online ressources :
The official Kite Flyer meeting web site
The KAPiFanø Facebook page
2019 meeting in video
A nice video presentation of Fano
More info by the Danish tourism authorities
A camping ground close to the beach
More Images on my Flickr page


  • Well spoken, Pierre.

    I would like to thank all the KAPers I met in Fanø this year for their pleasant company.

    I'll be there next year: the house is booked and plans are made. Unfortunately, it will take a while until then.

    Hope to see you and all the other KAPers on Fanø 2020.

    Best wishes

    Peter L.
  • Looks like my 2020 photo/road adventure may have been decided for me! It would give me the opportunity to dip into Sweden and Norway.
  • I'll be there too. A very nice excuse to finally visite Fanø.
  • I'm hopeful too!
  • I can certainly vouch for Metropolis-Drachen. I have bought numerous items from them that were unavailable elsewhere and had them shipped to me here in New Zealand. Their range of products is terrific and service always excellent, so if you're in the area be sure to call in if only for a look!
  • Like Dave Mitchell I hope to visit too, with something on KAP history for the non-90% kite flying although it might need some screen time.
    Interested in sharing accommodation costs with others for Air BnB etc. Trying to weigh up whether to drive and ferry from the UK or plane and hire car.
  • Given where I live (South West UK) and my age (I'll be 79 by then) I plan to get myself to Copenhagen or Hamburg airport and beg a lift to Fano from someone who's hiring a car there. Air BnB sharing for me too.
  • Pierre,

    Thanks for pulling this together.

    I will make every effort to make it to Fano2020.

  • Thanks for the nice proposal...

    I'll try to be there. I agree that is "A very nice excuse to finally visite Fanø."

    our daughter lives in Denmark so I can have some help in arranging logistics

    SMAC from Italy
  • Smac if your daughter is already in Denmark... you have no excuse not to attend !!!!
    Jim, it would be great, try your best !
    Dave, we are scouting a few housing options with Kevin ningaloo, we should have some options shortly.
    Tristan, it would be great to see you in Denmark !!!
  • For flights within Europe, Billund airport is a closer option (75km) than Copenhagen or Hamburg.

  • Started to collect money for this adventure. Hope to be able to be there. Interested in sharing accommodation (lowest cost posssible)
  • Hi to all,

    Fanø 2020 is for me a dream; for work I was twice on the coast in front to Fanø .... my first book about kites was Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig drachen...

    Komikite with good intentions to come: very good news !!! Istvan is a good friend, nice and kind and great KAPer producing for quantity and quality 10 times more than my activity....

    my RICOH GR comes from a comment from Pierre Lesage....

    OK OK if all the stars are arranged in position GO a plan to come is necessary

    SMAC from Italy
  • Dear KAP-friends !
    To get impressions from Fanø and additional informations you also may visit Facebook:
    It´s a closed group.
    I´m happy about the positive resonance.
    Wolfgang Bieck

    Here we see Pierre returning from a successful KAP-action.

  • edited August 6
    Many thanks Wolfgang!
  • Hello Dave!
    Hope to see you on Fanø next year!
  • Yes I am highly interested in going and meeting up with my fellow KAP friends. Been researching myself on accommodation and traveling cost and feels affordable.
  • Nestor,
    Check here https://www.novasol.com/search?count=24&countries=208&areas=49489&sort=bestMatch&adults=6&ne=55.440441194664345,8.396712747214536&sw=55.41608941550294,8.355771508811216&zoom=14&from=20200613&dateSpecified=1&to=20200627&daysVariation=3
    There are about 25 cottages and villas for rent within a radius of 1 kilometer from the beach between June 13 and 27 and more if you extend the radius to 2 kilometers !
    Flying from NYC I would choose Hambourg, rent a car, stop at Metropolis Drachen, do some grocery before crossing the border and continue the ride to Fano !!! Looking forward seeing you there in June !
  • I booked some time off work today to join in..... looking forward to June 2020 :-]
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