Wanted: Simple and quick program to straighten a photo

Some days I can't buy a straight, level photo. Horizons are all tilted at crazy angles, lighthouses look like the Tower of Pisa, as if they're ready to fall into the sea.

I had been using Windows Live Photo Gallery to make my shots look normal, until the computer with that program finally gave up the ghost and stopped working yesterday.

I am looking for another means to straighten my shots - one that requires as few steps as possible, as some days I need to straighten 100 or more photos individually.

Windows Live Photo Gallery did this in just three clicks and a turn of the wheel: Click on Fix, Straighten, move the wheel until everything looks right, and then it saves the photo by closing the pane. That's it. Done. Move on to the next photo. I was able fix hundreds in less than one hour. But WLPG is no longer available anywhere for any price. I need a similar replacement.

I'd be happy to buy whatever works, as I don't want an on-line internet-based program because I'm not always able to connect to the World Wide Web nor do I want my pics floating around in "the cloud".

Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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    It's freeware for stitching but I would have thought you can use it to just straighten photos too.

    GIMP - a freeware version of Photoshop.

    Probably a bit fancy for your needs though!

    Photo Pos Pro

    Not heard of it before but comes up on a few Google searches.

    Although I use Photoshop for all my editing needs, I still use Google's long unsupported Picasa 3 as my photo management tool. Basic editing tools are available including an easy to use straightening tool.

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    Since Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are now both subscription items, Affinity Photo has been looking attractive.
    I think I am not alone, trying to avoid another regular, continuing payment, even if it is for fairly short money.

    Affinity has gotten excellent reviews, is available for Mac, Windows and iPad. Another benefit is that in the last
    year or so quite a bit of aftermarket support has become available. Tutorial, books etc.

    I have not yet tried it, so can't vouch that it will straighten, though it's hard to believe it would not. Easy enough to verify, I
    would imagine.

    Perhaps the best part is the cost: $ 49.99 USD, frequently off price at $ 39.99 for either Mac or Windows.
    If you try it, please report progress.


    ps: just took a quick look- all kinds of Youtube stuff to straighten photos with different tools in Affinity Photo.
  • Thanks, guys!

    I watched a couple video tutorials on Gimp this morning - thanks Kevin! I'll download that at my earliest chance. Then I went out and shot a couple more "rolls" this afternoon. Plenty of stuff to work on.

    I'll give Fastone and Affinity a try as well.

    I ordered an external monitor that I'll plug into the VGA port on the wounded laptop, it'll be here on Saturday. That just might work too.

    This may well turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I've been lugging around two laptops on my road trips (I'm in the middle of a road trip as I type this) One to edit my photos, and one for everything else. It would be nice to just use one for everything.

    My Dad suggests that I simply level and crop my shots in the viewfinder! He's old school. He probably thinks that's what I was doing all along.
  • Old school.
    Use the old rule.
    One good shot out of 36,
    You're doing well !
  • I bought Affinity more than 2 years ago. They are upgrading the program still for free. I'm really satisfied on all layers of it. Handles all type -you can even ask for personal things (in the past for sure :) )
    Crop tool CTRL-leveled -ready
  • Affinity is a good shout - plenty of bang for your buck.

  • Since I added a 2 axis gimbal to my rig, 90% of my shots are level (but I always aim for the horizon). I use paint.net (a free download) to tweak the few slightly tilted ones. Changing rotation is simple, but you have to then crop the shot.
  • If you can still download Picasa it has a very simple straightening page. It also automatically crops the photo. Go back to the library page and save. It keeps the original in a separate Picasa folder. I use it a lot.

    Fly High

  • Chaz-

    It just dawned on me- why on earth are level shots such a hassle for you- I have troubles when the wind
    is beating the rig around; but not usually.

    I have always used PKB blocks from Brooks, which are fabulous. But after losing my most recent 50 dollar set
    last Spring, when the whole rig " rode away", I am going to try some less expensive alternatives.
    The camera on e bay was only 100 bucks ! But those little pulleys sure are sweet ...

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