How does this guy tie-off his halo reel so he can go 'hands=free'?

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If you follow the link above - there is a guy using a standard halo reel. How does he tie-off the reel to allow himself to go 'hand-free' whilst setting up his KAP rig?
Any help would be appreciated!


  • simple: with a carabiner!
  • Here is another video where you can see it a bit better.

  • Many thanks Peter, much appreciated!
  • I use the Clove Hitch whenever I need to tie my kite line to a carabiner.

    Twist a loop to the left, twist a loop to the right, and clip both loops with the carabiner.

    The Clove Hitch is a good, solid knot (I learned it rock climbing) with the advantage of being very easy to un-tie, even after being loaded: Simply slide the knot off the carabiner and it disappears.
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