Prehistoric landscape - explored with a kite

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More amateur kite aerial archaeology :-)

We visited a fascinating archaeological site in southwestern Slovenia - with our kites and cameras, of course - to see if anything else hides among and beneath an artificial landscape, full of cairns and ancient walls and barrows and mounds, created thousands and thousands of years ago, in Eneolithic and early Bronze Age ...

And maybe it does! Check the full report on our KAP website, and here are some kite aerial photos and images from a most interesting KAP session ...

Undulating landscape of the site:

NDVI gradient map - normalized difference vegetation index, computed from two kite aerial photos, one infrared and one visual, superimposed on a orthophoto of the area. Some structures are clearly visible:

An animated gif - orthophoto, LIDAR and NDVI of the site:

An annotated NDVI gradient map superimposed on a LIDAR scan of the area:

One of many 720 nm infrared kite aerial photos, from which NDVI was computed:

Thanks for watching! ;-)
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