'Live View' Transmission...?

2 Questions:
1. Is there a way of transmitting the 'live view' from my camera (Sony Nex5) down to a ground station?
2. Can anyone recommend a small LED screen unit for use with receiving this transmission?
Thanks in anticipation.


  • It's been done, though I think typically people used a second low res cam aimed the same way as their main camera rather than sending down a true live feed of the shooting cam.

    There used to be a product called DuneCam.

    If I were attempting this now, I'd try to get the guts out of a drone and just use that. All the heavy lifting has been done by their electronics R and D people.

    FWIW, taking one apart isn't that difficult. I had to transplant all the innards of one to a new shell about 9 months ago. There are A LOT of different tiny screws, but as long as you keep track of them it's all pretty straightforward.
  • Don't take a drone apart! It is waste of time and money.

    If I'm not mistaken your Sony has a HDMI output for the live-view signal. That makes it difficult and more complicated to get an image on the ground.
    It is much easier and cheaper to take a miniature FPV camera with build-in 5.8GHz transmitter and fix that onto your Sony camera or on the tilt frame.

    On the ground you can use your mobile phone to see the image when you have a 5.8G UVC Receiver like the Eachine ROTG01 PRO.

    On Ebay you can find both the camera/transmitter and the UVC receiver for very reasonable prices. Only shipping from China takes some time.
  • I used to use a $30 vehicle backup video monitor for my motorcycle mounted GoPro. You would have to feed it composite video from a receiver and have a 12v battery to power it, so a mobile phone would be easier.
  • There are several self-contained cheap 5.8GHz monitors available from China. I have both a tiny GTeng (which can be worn on the wrist) and the Eachine EV800 - see here and here. Both have adequate range.

    I use cheap 5.8GHz video transmitters linked to the a/v output of my cameras but as Peter says, cheap 5.8Ghz combination camera/transmitters are readily available.
  • Thanks for the responses - very helpful! I think dismantling a drone is beyond me!!
  • I do like the idea of using my mobile in conjunction with a fpv camera!
  • I've had a look at the Eachine ROTG01 PRO are any compatible with a iPhone 6 - they seem to be for android phones only?
  • edited August 2019
    There are variants that will work with iOS:


    But I'm not sure if they'll work with a 6. Check if you can get the right app.
  • As far as I remember I've used such a device hdmi/av converter with &5100. RCD3015
    attention is to be paid to plug size to check wether it fits in plug but also if enough space is available for other cables if any?
    no good advise for screen. I'm still using some old 2.4 ghz receiver and screen.
  • +1 for the GTeng909. It is small, in one piece (no cables from battery to receiver to screen - nothing to get lines entangled with) and wearing it on the wrist is a huge plus if you need your hands for the reel in difficult flying conditions. Plus it can be bought under 40$. I bought one last year but only managed to test (and practically use it) this summer, flying in Poland and Latvia during my vacation. I admit I fell in love with it!
  • Just as an aside. My DuneCam is still in use!!

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