Which kite for a rig upgrade?

I've recently upgraded my rig - extra servos, power packs - the rig now weighs 1.0kg (including camera etc) can anyone recommend a suitable kite? I currently use a Levitation Delta which was fine when my rig was 500-700g but it is struggling with the additional loading.


  • try a nice Rokkaku, say 2-3m, to lift the rig in low winds (we use a 160cm Rok and it lifts 0,5 kg easily in low winds, and much much more if the wind is over 10km/h,)
  • Thanks KAP_Jasa I'll check it out!
  • I've been looking at the HQ KAP Foil 5m...anyone any experience of this kite?
  • I'm using two 12 foot Delta in tandem or a 5 square meter (50 sqft) KAP Foil to lift my 1.2kg rig with the camera.

    I'll try to find a photo of the 2 deltas.
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  • Thanks Yvon! I think I'm leaning towards purchasing the Kap Foil - it looks a very impressive kite and a good lifter.
  • For a 1kg rig in the 2-4 Bft range you could also look into the KAPilot 4m2
    Kapshop's Peter Bults used to sell these kites here
  • I must admit that YvonH's solution is really interesting. More over: looks cool
  • In both cases, the setup is fairly quick. For the Deltas, I only have to put the spreader on each kite and let them go. I keep the rest of the kites always assembled.
  • Looking at the distance of the rig from the kite, do you find having the rig as close to the kite as possible the best option? I tend to have my rig a good 30m from the kite.
  • 30m sounds correct. The photo was taken with an angle which makes it look closer to the kite. Closer to the kite makes the camera move too much.
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