90 degree KAP

This morning a lull in the wind dropped my line over the top of a dead tree. I was about to retrieve kite and rig when it self-launched from a field. I ran back and grabbed my winder and flew for about 5 minutes with the line pivoting on the tree. I actually got some decent shots of Smith Rock State Park before my delta and camera battery decided we were done for the day. I cut the line from the kite and reeled the line in without issue.


  • Nice pic and good story

    SMAC from Italy
  • Cool picture. :-)
    On left side, we see what looks like rocks aligned like a path. Is that a hiking trail?
  • Just a guess: It is a zigzagging pole fence. They are used a lot in scenic places in the western states. They don't require setting posts in the ground.

    This is a beautiful picture! I'd like to visit Smith Rock State Park some time. I live just one state east of Oregon--Idaho.

    Tom G.
  • PokyTom is correct - it's a pole fence to delineate the camping area. There is more along the trail to keep the tourists from wandering over to the edge. It wasn't there when they shot scenes from earlier movies like Rooster Cogburn. It's only 8 miles from my house and I have a yearly Oregon Parks Pass so I don't have to pay the $5 day use fee. This is a wider shot I took a couple years ago. image
  • Wow, again!
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