Hi everyone, I'm new and I write from Italy.

My name is Stefano, I am a 49 year old boy, I am approaching aerial photography with kites, I first practiced diving with amateur shots and photos, but for a physical problem I have given up for now.

The reason why I write is to ask you two questions about two sails in particular and their function, first the KAP foil 3.0 that I purchased as a pilot to lift 3D figures.

While for the KAP foil 8.0 I will have to use it to take the equipment to take photos and videos as shown in the attached photo, all self-made.

My question is if the KAP foil 3.0 needs a 120Kg cable its load if I wanted to bring its excursion to 200 or better 300 meters the cable load should I implement it or keep the same 120Kg, even for the KAP foil 8.0 which requires a cable with 240Kg load, a payload (equipment) equal has 3Kg. gram plus gram less.

How should I behave?


  • Hi Stefan

    Even the KAP Foil 3.0 requires a strong man to control it if the wind suddenly strengthens. Personally I would never fly a KAP Foil 8 for KAP - it might be useful at a Kite Festival when anchored firmly to the ground but not for KAP. 120kg line should be strong enough for any sort of KAP - I don't think any of us here use stronger line than that.

    Does your KAP equipment really weigh 3kg - that's a very heavy rig? Most of us have rigs that weigh 1Kg or less.

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