Doing my bit

I submit KAP shots to my local TV station, and sometimes they air them, but they usually don't identify them as taken from a kite. The viewing public probably assumes they're drone shots. This is part of the Ochoco mountains, as seen from Redmond, OR.


  • Could you submit the image with credit embedded within as 'Larry Cole, Kite photographer'?

  • TV stations add their own graphics and usually won't air anything with a watermark.
  • Larry-

    Don't know if you listen to NPR ( National Public Radio ) here in the States, but they regularly make an
    announcement ( don't really know if it is at intro's and breaks ) , but they always attribute,
    " DJ" Liederman (sp?) as the composer of their theme music.
    Possibly you could ask the station for a voice into, attributing the shot to you.

    Thanks for your help keeping this site alive !


  • They used to use these in their weather segment with the credit only being Larry C. Now they edit a dozen shots to music in a short segment called Out and About on Thursdays. I'm lucky if it lasts :05. When I was in the Denver market I would get full credit and a mention of KAP. Much smaller market here in Redmond, OR.
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