wifi controlled camera and rig

after several months of thinking/testing/mistaking about full wifi camera control, I can confirm we've finally reached an interesting point, where we can set up and use a full wifi camera and rig control. Although the system is still under exploration, and for the time being limited to few cameras, I think it worths sharing, in case some of you could be interested. Or even better, could take part to explorations ;-). This idea came from the fact that many recent cameras embed some interesting way of wifi remote control.
several configs have been tested and my preference now goes for a very simple one, exiting most of repeaters or others devices to limit the configuration to 1 smartphone, 1 wifi camera, 1 standard pan/tilt rig and a device called TTGO-TCell. this is the key element since it allows to interact with camera and smartphone while being able to drive servos. It is combining a 18650 cell with an esp32 circuit, able to "talk wifi" to the arduino world. (approx stick powerbank size)
configuration is currently limited to canon cameras (at least G9x i/ii, G7x) and android environment as we need to display simultaneously on the pad the camera application for controlling the camera (with liveview) and a small browser page for controling the rig.
Current range is around 200 m, with a small latence delay. But overall equipment is simple, light and finally quite cheap, compared to some alternative solutions, assuming we already have a camera (!) and a smartphone. Finally a quite pleasant solution breaking all my initial assumtions about wifi range and consumption.
Current configuration is visible under the link (sorry in french) https://dropbox.com/s/z4bapw2q2ymzuxh/nacelle%20wifi3.pdf?dl=0
It is not yet a turnkey solution, but in case you want to explore do not hesitate.
Furthermore if anyone has experience with controlling the camera with esp32, I would be happy to receive explorations feedback. Idea is to further integrate camera control and rig with the same "application".


  • Thanks Michel, working on similar setup without the arduino for a dji Osmo pocket. I am still strugling with the WIFI range but I have some hope I can reach 200 meters. More to come.
  • Michel,

    Do you have control of the G9x from your own app or are you using the Canon app? If you have an app that can control both the camera and the rig while showing the live view, this is quite interesting! I also have a G9x camera and I some experience programming the ESP32 although it has been a year or two that I've been away.

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