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I am actually not a KAP practitioner. I have been following this group, incognito, ever since I started building kites about ten yerars ago. Thanks to your enthusiasm and expertise, I have been enjoying the wondferful world of building and flying kites.

Regarding the COVID19 atmosphere, I think we kite flyers can bring some needed joy to our community by being out there (where allowed) and just fill the sky with color and motion. A kite in the sky brings a smile to children and adults as well. It is inevitable. It feels good practice what we enjoy in this time of great challenges and, at the same time, share our love for kites with people around us. It's a win-win situation.

With so much time in my hands, I decided to build another kite, of course. My FF is 60X52. It is actually my third FF and they have flown well with the usual minor adjustments. Everything in this one seems to be as designed (mesurement wise). Like some of the discussions I have seen here, my kite leans to the right, from the flyers POV (left from the kite). I have checked the symetry and size of every cell and it looks fine. Have checked the keels and look fine. Checked the bridles and, again, fine.

The strangest thing of all is that I decided to open the cells (extreme right and left) to check if anything changes. Closing the left cell (flyer's POV, opposite of the leaning side) made it worse (severely leaning to the right (flyer's POV). So I did the opposite: opened the left cell and closing the right cell (where the kite was leaning). And VOILA! the kite flies straight.

So now I have a kite with only once cell sealed and flying well, in low and high winds, even in turbulent gusty winds. It is a mystery to me that I want to solve so I can do it right next time. My mind is imbalanced.

And thank you for letting me in into this wonderful group.

Jose (San Diego, CA)




  • Correction:

    I apologize. First post and I screwed up. I gave you the wrong description of the solution. This is the right description:

    Closing the right cell (flyer's POV, the leaning side) made it worse (severely leaning to the right (flyer's POV). So I did the opposite: opened the right cell and closed the left cell (opposite of the leaning side). And VOILA! the kite flies straight.

    So my understanding is that the closed cell is pulling the kite that way. Still don't understand the asymetry of pressure inside of the kite.

    By the way, I always seek simplicity when I build a kite and have decided to build the FF without vents (none on the ribs either). And they all fly fine.

    Sorry about the errors.
  • People do like kites, it has to be said. I love it when I hear people say 'oh look, a kite!' :)

    As to the aerodynamics, well cats and kites can be contrary, I'll never fathom either completely.
  • Hi peakmind,

    it is a bit difficult to understand the behavior of a kite with a short description so I try guessing something...

    Normally FF have the two mid cells open at rear and the direction of air discharge can be not exactly even

    on parafoils the choice of making open rear discharge at each cell is often a good choice and works better if divided in several parallel channels (in strong winds the increase of pull is less and so a wider wind speed range is possible)

    wish to all kiters and KAPers good wind and a sky with proper colors addition for a wide message of hope

    SMAC from Italy
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