Any Kap tips or meeting in NYC next February ?

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I surely will be in New-York next february.
I can't give a try for a kap session here.
Totally stunned by Scott Dunn's aerial pictures, in kap too, NYC seems to be a great way for a photographer. So, I don't want to try a hypothetic re-shoot of miss Liberty ;o) but the Flickr Map of Scott give a priceless amont of kap fields.

So, do you think a kap session (or 2) can be possible, weatherly (Feb seems to be very cold) ? Is policemen are kap friendly ? Is there any settlements ?

Well, you know, with the guys wearing explosive pants, I think that a carefully preparation is needed.

If you have any tips or advice for a French kaper...



  • February should be fine for KAP as long as you have the right winter clothing. February can be very cold. I find that I need layers of sweater, fleece, coats, insulated pants, thick socks, etc. to keep me comfortable for 3-4 hours outside.
    I'm not sure what you mean by "settlements", but It is legal to fly kites in almost any open area in NYC. That said, most areas are surrounded by buildings and trees and make it difficult to fly a kite. I know that it is against the law to fly kites along the Hudson River between Christopher Street and 59th Street.
    The policemen have always been friendly to me. Sometimes they ask me to take down the kite, but sometimes they think it's pretty cool and just want to say "hello".
    Be sure to bring a small book of KAP photos for police and other people who may be curious.

    You'll have better luck if you bring framed kites that can handle a wide range of wind speeds. Flowform kites are OK, but the winds can change direction quickly and cause flowforms to collapse.

    Do you have a particular location in mind? I'm happy to join you on a KAP session if my schedule allows. Just let me know when. I can be reached by flickr mail or at the email address on my flickr profile.
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    Hy Scott, thank you for these advices, fruits of your practice. Especially for the laws for kap near Hudson River. You perfectly understand what I mean about "settlements", it was laws and reglementations about kiting and kaping.
    Yes, the weather seems very cold in Feb (from 4 to -4 centigrades degrees, 39 to 24 Farenheit).
    If policemen are cool about kaping, it's a very good news. I had to make a small pocket book of my kap pictures (for the airport controls too...).

    Fortunatly, I don't use soft kite. Since Feb, I have to accumulate more experience with my framed kites in urban area with tall buildings.
    I have small Deltas and 3 Delta Box from Premier Kite. I use to fly them in train. I have rokkakus and a 3,2m Dopero for very light winds.
    Surely, I will not be able to carry all my kite stuff for one or two hypothetic (IE weather) kap sessions.

    Have you any idea about the type and range of wind I could find in 5 weeks ?

    In my first eysight to the map of NYC for search kap locations, I saw that Battery Park would be great for a aerial panoramic photo of Manhattan. (You know, I love (aerial) stitched panos...).
    Central Park under the snow would be a great subject, but surely more difficult to lauch (tall buildings around).
    Sure, there are many other locations ;o) It depends of the wind direction too...

    We don't know yet where our hotel will be. And we will move with public transports.
    But, be sure, I'll drop you a mail when I have some informations about our trip schedule and free times. I would be a great moment to share experience and kap session together.
    Thank you very much for your attention.

    PS : Happy (kap) new year for 2010 !!!
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    Hy Scott,
    I've just send you some news by Flickrmail.
    It never have been a purely kap trip, but I'll try !

    Best regards from France, and I hope, see you next week ;o)

    Obviously, if other kapers are in NYC till 2 and 7th of Feb...

  • New York Urban Winter KAP2010! I wish I could make it, it sounds like a lot of fun.
  • Hey guys i live in manhattan and am working on a project flying off the tops of buildings in manhattan. it allows you to get those awesome shots with the skyscrapers in some of the foreground. To do it right I need photo permits which are easy to get from the city. Anyone local interested in being a part of it. i've been working the past 6 months trying to get permission from the larger buildings and i'm having some success. anyone local???

    KAP pics-
  • Thats really interesting, I have a 30 story building town that I always looked at but it surrounds the downtown where I really didnt want to drop a #200 pound line across anything. Do you have problems with drafts coming up the side of the bilding or is it pretty smooth flying?
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