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Hi all,
Just a mini story. I am on vacation (anniversary of our engagement) with my wife in wellfleet ma. Yesterday, the winds were a bit gusty. As I was swiming in the ocean, a kite flew overhead and continued out to sea. My guess is that the cord snapped and the kite continued along... does this happen often?


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    I'd say not. But it does happen..... I had a line separation rather than snapped/broken.
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    Before the accident:
  • I managed to recover a small "toy" kite out of some undergrowth while on holiday. It clearly had got away from someone as the handle was still attached.
  • Gotcha, and cool on both. I need to fly some day soon... just need to get a rig together... and the feedback is good for knowing what to expect.

    I will say @Ningaloo, cool before photo. Sorry for your bad luck.
  • As long as you use a strong enough line for the conditions there should be no problem, and keep hold of the handle!!

    Fly High Sue
  • It can, but for KAP it's pretty rare to have a line snap. For starters most folks tend to fly with line that has a breaking strength seven to ten times higher than what they actually put on it. I hate flying with more than about five pounds of pull on my line, and I fly with #200 line. But it's also because people's definition of reasonable caution changes when they start hanging stuff from the line. When I was a kid, I'd put a kite up in anything. I lost a lot of kites that way. These days if there's any question at all, I'll stand there staring at the trees and feeling the wind shifts until well after my kids have become bored and wandered off. Then maybe I'll pull a particular kite out of my bag that I think can fly well under the conditions I'm seeing. And partly it's also because you get pickier about your wind and location from the standpoint of photography. If the wind is tossy, it's hard to get good photographs. Bit by bit all of these things result in a cumulative safety margin that keeps kites up, winders attached, and cameras airborne where they were meant to be. ;)


    P.S. Kev, I had my FF16 bridle lines separate from the bridle ring a couple of years ago. No camera attached, but it scared the pants off me. All gear recovered, and now I've got a stopper knot on the bridle lines to back up the knot tying them to the ring. Five minutes difference, and I might have a picture similar to yours to share. My condolences.
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