Essential Items for a Newbie from Goodwinds?

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This is probably a strange question but here goes.

I need some rods to test my idea for a gimbal

I took cylllka's CAD file and want to see if I can make a 3D printed version.
So I need some rods for it and will order from Goodwind.

Since shipping is $8 for $1 worth of rods, is there anything a newbie to KAP should keep on hand?
I plan on getting some Dracon line. Is there a good common strength to go with?
I'll probably stock up on rods as well, not sure what I want to build for a kite yet. Any common sizes I should have on had?

Thanks in advance!



  • Ooooh cool! Hey, please let us know how the gimbal build goes. I'm still at a loss how those BLDC motors control the axes, but I live to learn. I'm looking forward to your test report.

    As for what to get... Hmmm... Dacron line is always good. I use #200 coreless black Dacron for 99% of my kite flying. For lighter kites and rigs #150 and #100 is good, but I find the lighter stuff too thin for my hands, even with gloves. I've got some #150 on another spool, but rarely use it.

    If you're a tinkerer, it's ALWAYS good to keep spars around. I've got a couple of kites framed out with Skyshark P3X, and another with P300 (the precursor to the P?X series). Other handies to have are 3mm solid, 6mm solid and tube, and solid rods sized to fit inside whatever other spars you have (Skyshark is all one standard ID if I remember right.) In the event you build another gimbal, or try your hand at a pendulum, or break a spar in one of your kites, having a stockpile of spars is invaluable.

    Kite repair tape would also be good (shoot... I need to get some of that!) So is braided lacing if you have any of that stuff on your kites. Thread is always good for making kite repairs. OOOH! They've got flat and square carbon on clearance, too!

    Man, you can't let me loose in a place like that. I can easily bump your order to a couple hundred bucks...

  • This is a strange coincidence - I've been looking at making a passive self-levelling gimbal using rods for a while.

    Ball links, clevis, etc for RC aeroplanes/helicopters/cars can be found on Ebay... I'm using bike spokes for the rods and 4mm copper tubing for longer guides.

    Ebay link for RC parts

  • I am interested in this. As much as I love the picavet I have always wondered why we don't see more gimbals on KAP rigs, it seems like a no brainier.

    Another idea is to team up worth local flyers for a group order to save on shipping. Google to see if thee is a local club around and find out if anyone needs some supplies. Or, look at some kite plans and see if you want to build one. Then, order everything at once.
  • I'm not sure what's meant by a passive gimbal. At the end of a pendulum or picavet, the swinging motion acceleration is difficult to separate from gravity's. If you tie an eyebolt to the end of a string, the eyebolt won't stay vertical when you swing it, despite it's inertia.
    I think a gimbal works for a compass on a boat because the motion of the boat is so much slower than the corrective action of the gimbal. But putting the whole deck of the boat on a gimbal wouldn't work.
    I think you need either active correction or spinning objects or lots of weight. I guess maybe you could use a long rigid dummy pendulum with the gimbal rig mounted most of the way up near the kite string attachement. I'd be curious to see what you had in mind.
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    Gravity provides the force needed to steady a framework.

    With rods made up in 2 isosceles triangles hinged with springs and connected to two "solid crosses" - one of which being a line hanger, I can eliminate an estimated 95%+ of yaw and roll on virtually any line angle (taut line) in indoor test conditions... pitch is completely stumping me for the moment. I like AerialLensGuy's garden hose section insert, but haven't tried it yet. Give me a week?


    Above reductions with the kite at the nose of the plane, and the camera looking 90' away from the kite line, or toward the pilot's 3-o-clock. The unresolved pitch movement would give a rocking horizon in photos.

    Turn the camera to face the front or rear of the plane (0' or 180') and the horizon would be level, but would appear at differing heights in the picture frame.

    Image from:

    ver2go and admin - apologies for the thread hijack, should I start a new thread?
  • Thanks everyone

    @benedict much needed info. And yes, my order did end up being $100

    @new guy I'm new at this so I'm learning. I do not mind at all.

    My primary motivation is for an octocopter I will be building, I want the to have the gear transfer between platforms (kap and octo) rather than duplicate gear.
  • new guy, yes please start a new thread. We've had a number of rig stability threads in the past, usually with new rig or suspension designs being a key feature in each thread. I'd like to see your setup and hear your thoughts at more length.

    ver2go, sorry if I bumped your spending too much. I live on an island in the middle of the ocean with nary a kite shop to be found without using a boat or a plane. So I tend to over-buy and keep spares.

  • @new guy: A photo or sketch of your arrangement would be helpful in understanding your description.
  • Thread started, but more to add.

    Link to a new thread here
  • Goodwinds is about a mile from my house. I think I'm one of very few customers that ever actually goes in there to pick stuff up. It's mostly a warehouse.
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