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    It's fun to read the comments and see the wonderful pictures from others as this week unfolds. I have to admit that WWKW brings a sense of "holiday" for me this year and even though I've only flown once so far, I'm enjoying it immensely.

    My first flight of WWKW 2013 was a satisfying and somewhat intense adventure. The winds were originally forecast on Saturday to be very light and I did not expect to fly. They did, however pick up to approx. 12 MPH for a short period of time and I was able to race to the launch site and get my Jones 7ft Rok into the air. All was well for about the first 12 minutes of flight when the winds died suddenly and both the rig and kite started to rapidly drop from the sky. There had to be about 100 feet of line on the ground in front of me before I was able to get my act together and engage the reel into full speed. I was thankful to have an electric reel which was able to quickly pick up the line on the ground and catch up with the falling rig and bring it all home safely. This is the first time I've had it in "high gear" and full throttle and was impressed at the speed it could retrieve line under no load (I'm guessing at least 600 ft/min). Recovering the line by hand would not have been possible without it and my camera would have paid a personal visit to the roof shown below without the power assist. I managed to capture 228 shots in the relatively short 12 minute first flight, but the lighting was good and I'm very happy with the results.

    Saved by the Reel

    Cedar Rapids 8th Ave 360 LR


    The winds are predicted to be higher tomorrow, so I'm taking a day of vacation and will hopefully get in a 2nd flight!

    KAP on!!!
  • I only got into the game yesterday. Earlier in the week I managed to (re)dislocate my shoulder, and had to recoup before I could handle a winder. Even then, I aimed for some light wind KAP so the risk of re-injury would be minimal. (Ok, so there was also bad weather Friday and a Saturday full of "gottado"s. But I didn't fight it.)

    Hapuna Beach South

    Winder got wet, but it was a fun session. Kinda hoping for some good evening light during the week, then more of a real KAP weekend this coming weekend.

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    HAPPINESS! The weather was great for KAP yesterday: bright sun, clear sky, stiff steady wind. Good enough the PFK+Nex5 KAP. I went to the flower fields. Amazing colors!

    The rest of the series and a map can be found on my website

    Bollenvelden in bloei - p3
    Bollenvelden in bloei - 1565
    Bollenvelden in bloei - 1483
  • WOW!! Excellent pictures Hans!! They are beautiful.
  • I stopped by Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs yesterday on our way to Pueblo. Between the road and the rocks, I only let out about 250' of line and the wind quit after about 15 minutes.

    Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs
  • Stories and pictures keep coming in. Excellent stuff!

    We spend a holiday on our favorite island of Terschelling, up north in NL. We arrived on Friday, heavily overcast and some rain not worth mentioning. The next day I did 3 sessions - at the Wad dyke, at a church and again, in the evening, at the dyke some kms more to the east.

    On Sunday my wife and I joined Gerrit Bart to the beach to shoot a square of hundreds, maybe thousands of roof tiles that were standing upright in the sand. We returned during the evening to give the opportunity to compete with him.

    Today, during the last Queens Day in NL, my mate and I did a session over the bouys stock in West-Terschelling. Although the wind was far from ideal we managed to squeeze out some nice pictures. All to be found in the WWKW pool.

    The kites used so far are the trusty Levitation Light (4 flights), the Trooper (1 flight) and the Triton (1 flight) - all gear returned safe and sound to Mother Earth.

  • Still flying....brief session after a long day of work in Puurs Belgium.


    Antwerp - Butterfly Palace
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    The winds have been good for me so far and loving the KAPing opportunities, this is my fifth KAP session since WWKAP2013 has started. I use to live a mile and a half from Northport harbor and have Kayaked a few times here also.

    Northport Harbor Panorama, NY
  • SueSue
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    I've been out today to Bridlington and Flamborough Head with the WWKP banner

    WWKP 2013 FLY HIGH SUE (55)

    WWKP 2013 FLY HIGH SUE (24)

    Fly High

  • Very cool pictures everyone!
    Speaking of kayaking, I put up some self-portraits
    Kayak Kite Aerial Photography
    The type of kite is no mystery here.
    It was trickier than I thought. It was my first attempt at kayak KAP. Good thing for waterproof cameras:
    Into the drink

    Going out I had a heavy head-wind, but the current was with me. The current was with me on the way back too (good planning is important here). Got a free ride back to Alviso courtesy of the current and the kite.

  • That is just too Cool, I am impressed
  • My third outing of the week wasn't very productive
  • short session before the rain came.
    Vitrahaus by Herzog und DeMeuron
    Vitra Museum by Frank A. Gehry
  • Ric, its been like that on my free days this week, so I've been reel making instead.
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    Second session, WWKAP2013! Just a little breeze, problems keeping my 3m2 Flow Foil in the air!
    Target was the southern skyline of my hometown Gorinchem, featuring windmill "De Hoop" and 7e Bastion, a new
    apartment building overlooking river Merwede. 4 days left in WWKAP2013. Good forecast for the weekend, fingers crossed!
    These light winds make you realize that larger kite sizes do make sense! I consider to buy a 5 m2 KAP Foil.

    Happy KAP week!

    Molen de Hoop WWKAP2013

    7e Bastion Gorinchem WWKAP2013

    Room with a view
  • Wow, great photos from everyone! I'm jealous of all your fine looking weather, Michigan's Upper Peninsula went from beautiful 65°F and sunny back down to below freezing with rain/snow mix for the bulk of the week. Blaahhhh. Also doesn't help that I fell down a flight of stairs and tweaked my winding wrist. Glad I made it out at least once for WWKAPW 2013 though!

    Quincy Mine Hoist #2
    Quincy Mine Hoist No.2 here in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. Snow is still hanging on!
  • A day of lessons learn but, was still able to get something out of the session

    Brentwood Watertower Panorama, NY
  • Been a while since i've been on the forum as, like most others, the weather has been unfriendly here! However thats all changing and what better reason to dust off all the gear :). I feel an after work mission coming on :)
  • At the moment, wind is gusting to all of 2mph with brilliant sun shine!!! I'm going to have to go looking for wind again this weekend.
  • Well I've managed a few flights so far this week. Here's a self-portrait by the River Tamar from Tuesday:
    Self-portrait on green by the Tamar
    and a view of a church on Dartmoor taken yesterday:
    moretonhampstead church
  • Monday I was stopped by rain and Thursday the dreaded no wind when you need it day, unfortunately I will be at work when the wind picks up. I still have two days left to KAP Friday & Sunday, Saturday I will be running a photography workshop all day. To be honest I have done 6 sessions in six days and should be happy but, it has come to a point that I have an addiction to this type of photography that is more exciting then any other type of photography I have done before, can't wait to Friday.

    Happy KAPing my fellow KAPers
  • Very bad weather here... 100% couldy and rain... but I still have some hope for next weekend!!!
    I'll keep you updated...
  • I haven't had a whole lot of time to KAP lately, but I did manage to do a bit when the wife and I took the kid to the park. This is my favorite.

  • Soledad-5Mt Soledad War Memorial

    Out for my second outing of the week after work today. Last outing was safe and calm to get some sure shots for the week. Today was a bit more adventurous, at least for me the Wimpy KAPer. I just KAP for fun and if I dont like the situation for any reason I just go home with any shots. That happens not infrequently.

    One problem with living in San Diego is that within close proximity there are two international airports, three very busy military airports, four busy general aviation airports, and several lesser airfields. Many desirable KAPing sites are pretty much out of reach even with a generous reading of the FAA regs. In order to get something new for WWKAP2013 I decided try what I have considered a marginal site. Today work, wind and weather were in close enough alignment to give it a try.

    Todays target was Mt. Soledad War Memorial near La Jolla, Ca, a short drive from work. The site is near the ocean but at the top of a small mountain. The wind was right at the top of my FLED's wind range and fairly bumpy. The site has a smallish parking circle and some open area. Last Sunday the parking area was full with cars circling waiting for a spot and lots of people about the area on foot. Today it was much less busy.

    My main concern was airplane traffic. The airliners fly directly overhead but are quite high. There tends to be some general aviation traffic, particularly sightseers. Today I ended up with three airplane passes nearby, one very close. My plan was a quick KAP flight as low as possible to get reasonable shots of the monument. File time stamps say less than 30 minutes. The camera barely got above the monument and the kite a bit more of course.

    The monument is interesting mostly because there have been court cases trying to get the cross part of this Korean War Memorial removed from public land (against the rules say some) for more than 20 years. It has been to the US Supreme Court once, maybe twice, and still the litigation goes on. So far the cross has won.

    So, a small adventure for some of you, but bigger than average for the Wimpy KAPer. Would I do it again? Well, not anytime soon but I am happy to have something new for WWKAP2103.
  • Doing my bit for WWKAP - this aired on Denver's CBS affiliate tonight. The weather guy mentioned that I shot it from a kite. The moire pattern is from shooting off a monitor.

    Garden of the Gods KAP on Ch 4
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    Great stories, great pics, folks. I've not read all of it (will absolutely do so during the evening hours this coming (and LAST) WWKW2013 weekend.

    Today was the last day of our week holiday on the island of Terschelling. The weather was awesome - bright blue sky, no clouds whatsoever, a very mild 2 Bft wind and a great temperature. After a walk in the main village on the island I grabbed the ITW Triton and my standard KAP bag with all stuff I need for a quick session.

    I prepared the rig and the camera and put it aside to start working on the kite. I attached a fuzzy tail just in case but the wind was just too light to also lift the tail so I removed that thing. The kite climbed to a height of about 30 meters. I walked to the rig, attached the KAP hooks to the kite line and switched on the rig's power supply. No videolink this time as the wind was too light etc. etc.

    There were many interesting looking boats coming and leaving. Also a great clipper that came to port and the oldest rescue boat in The Netherlands that was saved from the scrapyard not that long ago. It did its first trip after many, many years. And I was whitnessing all that! And the camera! Not....

    For some stupid reason I switched off the camera after setting it for the trip. Normally I leave it switched on as it will put itself to sleep until the shutter is triggered. Today I did the thing that caused another 'lesson learned' moment. I simply forgot to switch it back on again before it would go sky high. Routine slipped in...

    Next time I leave the camera switched on. Definitely! I hope...

    Nevertheless, after the 20 minute flight without having shot anything at all I was still able to do some KAP. Footage added to the WWKW pool.

  • Despite hauling KAP gear to the summit of Mauna Kea twice this week, I haven't been able to do any KAP up there. Today was only the second time I got a kite in the air so far all week. But I made up for the lost time by going to some spots I haven't been in a while.

    I tried to fly at Kua Bay, but ran into some torrential wind. After futzing around for an hour, I moved on.

    Waikoloa Petroglyphs

    Out in the lava behind the beach at Anaehoomalu Bay is a remarkable collection of scoria abrader quarries, abrader basins or workshops, and petroglyphs. I photographed some of the quarry sites, but my focus was the petroglyphs.

    Slice of Paradise

    My last stop of the day was Waialea Bay. The wind was great, but my technique was rusty. After a wonderful first flight I landed my gear, checked the pictures, and found about a fifth of what I thought I should've had! That's when I realized my shutter cable had fallen out of the radio, and hadn't been doing anything for most of the flight. Plug back in, and up ya go!

    The second flight was better, at least as far as the shutter was concerned. But I ran into a different problem when I got everything home. When I first started flying the Canon T2i, I went through a long learning curve figuring out how best to focus this thing in the air. By the time I installed my video downlink, I'd licked the focus problem.

    That's where I went wrong. Leading up to WWKW 2013, I picked up a new video monitor. Unfortunately I didn't have time to get it rigged in time, so I pulled all the video gear off my rig so I could do some old school KAP during World Wide KAP Week. But I forgot to set things up so the camera would actually focus properly!

    This vertical was about the only decent photograph from the session. But hey, I'll take it! And now I've got my gear set up so it'll focus.

  • Well, here we go again. WWKW is here again, it's been awful weather here on the days that I could have got out. Nonetheless, today dawned bright and breezy so I figured I'd take a chance. The bonus was the wind was in a good direction for the twin bridges over the River North Esk, not 3 miles from home. By the time I jumped in the car, though, the sky was overcast and we were back to gale force winds. So the DL Trooper went in with a good length of fuzzy tail.

    Twenty minutes later I was up on the old railway bridge and launching into the teeth of the gale. Things were a bit turbulent, and the light was hopeless, but I got a few shots with the Nex5. Who knows, maybe it'll calm down later for some sunset shots.

  • Despite falling down the stairs earlier in the week and having poor weather, I was determined to get out at least once more for WWKW 2013. I'd been tracking a Coast Guard vessel as it made its way up to our area, which usually doesn't see too many big or notable ships coming through close to shore that I'd be able to KAP very well. I took a fast ride out to a choke point to try my luck at KAPing it. 2 hours later, standing in the cold and light winds paid off as I got my camera up just high enough for a quick peek.

    KAP with the US Coast Guard Buoy Tender Alder
    KAP with the US Coast Guard Buoy Tender Alder

    It's not as great as I wanted, but it'll do for now considering my rig kept crash landing every few minutes when the wind died down. I did manage to get one of our local wastewater treatment plant- I had a few of the guys there wondering why the heck I was flying a kite in such crummy winter weather.

    Houghton, MI Wastewater Treatment Plant
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