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Hope the N.Cali folk out there are in good shape after today's rumble?

Anyone going to do some KAP photojournalism?


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    Woke up for a 20 second rolling oscillation (we're about 40 miles away). I think the worst injury was a child hit by falling bricks.

    I think any area with visible damage is roiling with news helicopters. Probably not a safe place to KAP till things quiet down.

    I imagine the concentration of news vans is the most significant sign from the air :)
  • Tomorrow (Monday) I am going to Napa to help family clean up and repair. I'll watch to see what the overhead limits look like, but I caution any KAP attempts probably should be delayed. Cannot imagine what the results would look like if a #200 line got wrapped around a 'copter propeller shaft and not immediately cut. We know of one recent close call.

    I'll report later.

  • This reminds me that September 4 will be the fourth anniversary of the start of a huge earthquake swarm here in Christchurch, New Zealand. The first quake, a 7.1 in the early hours of the morning, was terrifying and caused a lot of damage. The most damaging came five months later, with loss of nearly 200 lives. But for me, the most memorable was on June 13, 2011, when I was on the beach launching a large kite. A very close, very shallow, and particularly nasty 6.4 quake caused such an upheaval on the beach that I was thrown over - fortunately keeping a hold on the kite line. I was the only one on the beach, as it was winter and a somewhat lesser (5.9) quake an hour before had sent most people home anyway.

    In total, we have now had over 13,000 quakes over 2.0 in intensity, and still continue to get them, a 3.7 a couple of kilometres away, ten days ago, being the latest to shake my house.

    If you want to see in animated form what 13,000 quakes look like, have a look at http://www.christchurchquakemap.co.nz/ , a site developed by my son. If you choose to view the animation from September 4, 2010, you will get some idea of the battering we have had.
  • @NZflier: Just yesterday the Finnish Broadcasting Company showed a documentary about New Zealand and the Christchurch quakes were covered also. It's amazing that the catastrophe has passed under my radar. I didn't realize NZ was such an active area. But of course, now I see, tectonic plates rub together just there! For me and my wife it has been a dream to visit NZ some day in the future, let's see if we still dare... ;)

    I don't know how new the documentary was, but there the city looked still quite broken. How have you recovered today?
  • Still lots to do before we are anywhere near normal, but don't be put off coming. There are 350,000 people living in Christchurch and we all get by! And the rest of New Zealand was unaffected, so still plenty of places to go.
  • Well, we'll have to wait some years still, we decided that it would be a trip that we'd enjoy to the fullest, i.e. leave the kids home. ;)
  • We spent two part days in Napa, afternoon and evening, and saw not one 'copter. All the news reporting is being done by ground broadcasting crews. I do not believe there would be much added perspective from KAP and one would have to be careful of private rights. Not so strangely, the damaged properties are just here and there, depending on the quality of structure and whether there was any retrofit. The carport collapse you have all seen on TV was inevitable due to total lack of any cross bracing and sheer wall. Even a good wind could have toppled some of the structures.

    The KAP shots of some of the wineries would make a good scene at any time of the year. That is what I would do.

  • Footage is from a recent college grad: http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/earthquake-broken-glass-drone-napa

    FAA letter in the mail?
  • ~100km away it was just felt by some, but most (me included) slept and didn't notice anything.

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