New Kite

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New Kite - 10 foot Rokkaku.

Could have used this in Madrid!

Thank you BKT!

Fitting the sticks is next.


New Kite!

New Kite!


  • Personal monogram too. Very impressive.
  • Nice, congratulations!
    No need for wind anymore, just walk 3mph in any direction :-)
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    Father of all this fun is hanselpedia. Please direct all complaints to his email! ;O)
    Thanks Hans!

  • Wah!! P400...

    The weight of the kite is around 500 grams??

    Have fun, WW. ;-)

  • GREAT KITE !! flies with 0.1 BFT true ? when there is just the impression of a minimum wind,.....

    SMAC from Italy
  • WOW! Man, that's awesome in sooooo many many ways. Can't wait to read your flight report, Jim!

  • Jim,

    "Breath of the Bull" - It probably would be a good name for your new kite ;-)

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    Any details BKT? Material, pattern, suggested wind range? I've heard the 8 footers can be difficult, but I'd love to hear how a ten footer can be manageable.

    Or maybe the question is for Hanselpedia ;)
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    Rokkaku 10' - the kite for pros and madmen! The combination of 6 sqm sail and P400, with stronger gusts of wind, can make good impression ("Breath of the Bull"). From my personal experience, the wind is not superfluous, but only fast enough stratospool. ;) With such equipment, scissors should be standard accessories. In terms of wind strength limit, I think that this does not exist for WW. :O)


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    Framing completed. This is a BIG kite! Planned wind range 2-10 mph. We will see.

    Kite framing plan

    New Kite. Sticks are in.

    New Kite.  Sticks are in.

    Testing may be delayed as current wind / temperature conditions are a bit harsh here in Pennsylvania!

    I leave for Paris in a few hours....may take this big new kite along for some test flights!


    WindGURU - A bit of wind and cold
  • The kite looks great. Could you please talk about the center (5th) bridle line? Does it connect to the main tie point of the kite line, or somewhere else? What happens when you want to change the angle of attack a bit? And, what does it acccomplish?

    Ten feet? You may have to tie yourself down. :-)
  • Nice!! I built a 7.5 footer last year and was hoping to cross into the coveted 10' realm this winter season… Part of the problem always is finding a room large enough to assemble them! This will kick my interest into higher gear now. Which colors to pick… hmmm :D Not yellow!

    I'm also interested in learning about that 5th bridle line. I second all of @wayback's questions.

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    Here's a 7-bridled version with the same basic principle. I think the idea of the extra points becomes important at higher winds:

    "I use a 7 leg bridle to prevent deformation in gusts or high winds. This allows you to build the kite lighter and allows a stable flight under all conditions."

    The individual bridle attachment points take less stress and the P400s have fewer large spans.

  • @tgran or @bluekiteteam is there a set formula for figuring out where to locate the 5th attachment point or how long the bridle should be? I'm just wondering how it stays in tension if the angle of attack is changed by shifting the other bridle points around. I'm familiar with stringing up regular 4-point bridles but haven't yet found anything on getting 5-point bridles to work. The concept is solid though, especially for such a large kite.
  • The fifth string in the bridle, is just a security against wind gusts. Better is probably bridle with seven strings, but it is a little complicated in the regulation. Using P400, sure enough four strings. In the end, it's only six square meters of sail. ;)

  • A special kite deserves a unique maiden flight!

    The sun had set and the forecast for a 15 knot North wind....turned out to be a bit suspect....with 0-3 knot wind blowing out of the South....

    There is no better way to relax after a long days work then flying a kite....even at night....

    A 15 minute walk had me in a large football practice area near Blois France. This was the same flying area that I had used the night before when it was still light.... Tonight it was dark except for the lights on the football pitch where a local squad had organized a practice session.

    Given the light wind I decided to give the big BKT 10' Rokkaku a shot at it's first flight in the dark skies above Blois France. The lighting from the football pitch provided just enough light to set up the Rokkaku for its first flight. I did fumble around in the dark with the bridle settings... Piotr had failed to define the tow point....given the extra complexity of the 5th bridle attachment. I decided to just estimate the bridle attachment point using the standard 4 attachment points and let the 5th middle vertical attachment point hang loose.

    The kite rose cleanly into the night sky above. The became hard to see after it rose above the field lights. I decided to strap on the auto KAP rig fitted with the Sony A6000 camera to see how the big new kite would perform with the camera attached.

    I was surprised by the power of this big kite even at an estimated 2-3 knots wind speed.

    This was a shot KAP session given I could not see how the kite was performing.

    The Stratospool did a good job of cranking in the big kite. I was more than satisfied with this first test flight.

    As I as removing the spars from the kite a group of French men drove their truck onto the field and parked it next to my kite. We had a short conversation (sign language) about kite flying.....after a few hand shakes and smiles they drove off across the field and back onto the road.

    Overall a brief but fun session with the new 10' Rokkaku!

    Enjoy a few pictures below.


    First flight ROK 10'

    First flight ROK 10'

    First flight ROK 10'

    Night KAP Blois France

    Night KAP Blois France
  • Flying a new kite for the first time in the not the wisest of moves....

    I pulled out my 10' BKT Rokkaku for flight test # 2 over a frozen lake near my home in Pennsylvania.....and .....when I prepared to attache the line to the bridle...I noticed the tow point (which I set in France on flight # 1) was in the incorrect position....turns out the maiden KAP flight in the dark over France....was flown...UPSIDES DOWN .... LOL.....

    A quick bridle adjustment corrected this egregious error and a few minutes latter the big Rokkaku was back in the sky flexing it's lifting mussel in a 3-10 mph breeze.

    Overall the BKT 10' Rokkaku kite performed well lifting both my Hero3 on a string and my auto KAP rig fitted with the Sony A6000 at the same time. The P400 Skyshark tubes held up well in a 15 mph gust. The Skyshark sticks fold back their ears during the gust and reduce the overall profile of the kite by ~30-40% and thus shed the force of the wind.

    I was testing my latest Stratospool # 13 at the same time.....did experience a minor failure....I will post an update on the failure o the Stratospool thread shortly.

    Enjoy a few pictures below and in this flickr album.


    Big Rokkaku kite back on the ground.

    Ice testing

    #2 by Jim Powers, on Flickr">Big Rokkaku kite. Flight #2

    #2. by Jim Powers, on Flickr">Big Rokkaku kite flight <a href=#2." />

  • Oi! That's a sloppy looking frozen lake! How thick was the ice out your way in PA? Up here in the northern reaches of Michigan on Lake Superior, we're hitting 12-24" of ice most everywhere, including the big lake. Any time I start to hit slush, I get moving to solid "ground." Are they setting up for some ice skating or hockey?

    Otherwise, looks like a great day to fly now that things are right side up!
  • Great posts WW, love it!
    Tnx, Bas
  • nasion - yes the lake was frozen but with 3 to 4 inches of snow turned to slush on top. The was the first day above freezing in some time. The temperature has dropped back to near Zero F. Figure ~5-6 inches of ice thickness. Seemed strong enough. Yes a few individuals were working on clearing the snow for some ice scatting.

    Briefly flew the big Rokkaku over the Atlantic Ocean near Avalon, NJ this afternoon. The wind was blowing ~2-3 mph - not enough to consistently lift the KAP rig.

    Did get a shot comparing the Levitation Lite to the big BKT 10' Rokkaku kite. See below.

    Did experience a second reel failure with Stratospool 13 - short write up coming.


    Tale of two kites
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    Still experimenting with the big Rokkaku kite.

    Today's experiment was hooking up the center (5th) bridle and testing out the kite stability under different wind ranges.

    - First few hours the wind was 3-6 mph - the Rokkaku did an overall good job with lots of power
    - Last few hours the wind was around 10 mph with gust approaching 15 mph - the kite held its overall shape with lots of pull - approaching the limit of comfort and the ability to pull down the line with the stratospool reel.

    See a few shots below. Video was near the ground and the kite was in the ground turbulence zone but still held up OK.

    Still a bit more tuning to do prior to certifying this kite to fly in tight urban environments.


    Big Rokkaku kite

    Video Link on flickr:

    Lining up.

    Five stringer.  10 foot rokkaku kite.

  • WW The size is truly impressive and if it performs in proportion to the 1.7m Rok I've just completed then I'm sure your not going to be disappointed. I have a question though, I can see that increased area = increased lift for the same wind strength, but presumably overall weight plays its part. Do you have an all up weight, including sticks and bridles, that you could share. Along with some indication of the material weight and tube diameters.
    My 1.7m Rok weighs in at 10 oz / 284 g, giving a loading of 1.53 g/m2. I haven't had the opportunity to try it in less than 6 -10 mph, but it so far has coped well with my 15.3 oz / 435 g rig. Regards MikeW
  • MikeW

    This is a big kite (10 foot Rokkaku). The kite sail is made out of very fine and light weight material (used in parachutes). I have not measured the actual sail size. BKT estimates it is 6 m2. The weight of the kite, framing (wrapped carbon tubes (Skyshark P400)) and the bridles is 532 grams or about 89 grams / m2.

    The kite fly's well in 3-5 mph with a good pull and can easily lift my Sony A6000 / Hero3 dual camera KAP rig. I am still experimenting with the bridle - especially center (5th) bridle.

  • TEN FEET?!

    I am 5' 5" tall - THAT THING is *almost* TWICE MY HEIGHT!!!
  • WW thanks for the comparison figures. You will have noted that mine were incorrect. The decimal point on the g/m2 had slipped two places! The real one is 153.4 g/m2, making your 89 g/m2 look very favourable. I have now had the opportunity to try mine in a fairly constant 6mph and it only just coped with my rig, the session ending up with the kite in our local lake, fortunately with the camera in my hands. Happy flying over Easter. Mike
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    For a long time, I think about rokkaku 10'. I already have all the necessary materials, but still hesitant. This afternoon I had another unsuccessful KAP session, cause a little bit too weak wind. In this kite is important to its weight, carbon tube P400 hardly out of the question (it is known that). I wonder whether the configuration of with ordinary carbon tubes, will cope. As it can not be that I have a little space in the corner behind the closet. ;O)

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    I believe the 'Red Baron' deserves one more picture in this thread? 8-
    I use Skyshark Straight P4X (equivalent to P400) for the spreaders and 10mm Exel carbon for the spine.

    @bkt: to you want to trade Skyshark P4X sticks for your 10ft Rokkaku in exchange for a new 2m50 rokkaku sail? (Blue Monster is getting old...)

    Red Baron 2
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    Red Baron is the first BKT rokkaku in this dimension! When thinking about which sail area, I remember my event in wrestling with a medium-sized dopero, wind force >5+ m/s! Unfortunately, the specificity of the wind in my area is pretty sunny weather = very light wind. My black and white rokkaku 8.5' soars almost always, but sometimes has too little power to suspend the rig. Building a yellow kite for WW, I predicted his temptation to test the power of stitches and ripstop. Kite doing for myself, I can save weight on the reinforcements, and bridle line thicknesses and the diameter of the carbon tubes - requirement is not to exceed wind force 3 m/s. Being the holder of the tubes in the dimension of 82.5 cm the kite itself probably would have dimensions of 11' (330 cm x 247.5) it is almost 7 qm, in principle - a pity cut off.
    @hanselpedia Proposed replacement tube for the sail is a fantastic idea, I'm too! :o)

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    Thanks to a successful collaboration with Hans aka hanselpedia, I created two blue rokkaku, a species of monster. Their size is a little scary, but as they are already high in the sky is nothing to specially stand out. I think that thanks to them, rising more photos in the days of light winds. ;O)

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