WWKW 2017 (26 May - 12 June 2017)



  • I'm in and got 1 session under my belt hoping for more opportunities before the 12th.
  • Today was the biggest KAP day of my life.

    6:30am I had a kite in the air at Point Arena. By 8:00am I had 1,192 shots on the card.

    Point Arena #2 started at about 9:30am. Another 743 shots.

    Right up the road at Cabrillo Point Lighthouse I managed 894 photos.

    Grand total for today: 2,839 KAP shots!

    When the wind's as good as it was today, there's no sitting it out.

    I just now finished sorting and editing them all at almost 10:00pm.

    Tomorrow's a new day.
  • Always satisfying to come away with a big haul like that!
  • It was an inspiring WWKW! I really tried my best. Hope that you all had good winds and lights and some sparetime too. KAP forever! Bye Komi
    (Oh, as I see there is one more day left :)
  • SueSue
    edited October 2017
    Well I finally got to fly in Brittany during WWKW 2017. The wind and weather were perfect and for great subjects in the area. They were all in the area of Finisterre in Brittany, France. We first went to the Notre Dame de la Joie church on the coast then to the Notre dame de Tronoen a few kilometers away where Ken (who joined me at KAPiCa2016) was initiated into flying the Levitation delta with the rig while I looked at the video downlink. We were fortunate that there was a large field to fly in as the church was surrounded by trees and the visitors started coming out after lunch.
    We went back to the coast to take photos of the Eckmühl lighthouse now the sun had gone round. The tide had come in too making better photos.

    There's still another day to go too.



  • SueSue
    edited June 2017
    Notre Dame de la Joie

    Fly High

  • Sue,

    Some great shots there, and it's good to see that Ken has now become an active member of your KAP team, which should make it easier to get such wonderful pictures in future. It's still a pity you didn't get a chance to KAP when you were here, but you're clearly making up for it now.

  • Great shots Sue.

    Glad to see that Ken has mastered the Stratospool!

    Keep flying!

  • Thanks everyone for participating in this year's world wide KAP week.

    As we can see, this year we have more & better KAP photo compare to last year and still hoping to see more photo been uploaded.

    Hope that all of you enjoy WWKW2017

    Erich Chew
  • It's great to see all the KAPers work, both first-year KAPers and those who've been at it for a while.

    It's nice seeing your lighthouse shots, Sue. And it looks like you've roped a new KAPer into the community.

    Me, I couldn't have asked for a better WWKW. Cris talks about a "one-kite day" when things go right. I've had a one kite trip. My trusty - albeit well worn - Levitation Light did the job day after day.
  • On the last day of WWKW 2017 Ken & I went to the Point du Raz to take Aerials of the most westerly point in France.
    After walking over a kilometer we were near the point and decided to start flying from there.
    I thought i'd get the rig(s)ready first and found the cameras were all still in the motorhome!!! I walked back for them and eventually flew the Levi in a beautiful wind. Unfortunately the wind was along the point and so I didn't take the photos I would have liked over the cliffs. I used a fixed pendulum rig with the Pentax W90 as that was the best and lightest rig/ camera for the wind. We later added the Richoh ThetaS 360 camera and was pleased I did as it took all round photos that the fixed rig couldn't.
    I have found it good to have Ken to help after all these years of solo KAPing.

    Point du Raz, France WWKW 2017

    Point du Raz, France, WWKW 2017

    I took the opportunity to use my ThetaS 360 camera on a string while at the Point du Raz


    Well that's the end of another WWKW and i think a good time was had by most. Sorry if the British KAPers had bad weather but here in Northern France it has been great - warm, good winds and sun.

    Fly High

    Sue (& Ken)

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    I got lucky with the wind and tide...


    I knew the Gormleys needed low cover and the wind on the day was soft so I was keen to get the colour and texture of the sands and water. ..and come back another day to fly low.

    Given the popularity of aerial photography these days it's great to see the variety achieved. My favourites are the close up patterns and textures which even now mark out KAP over other aerial platforms.


    walking out over the sodden tideway I had high hopes of what the aerial view would reveal...I was not disapointed.

    KAP on,

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