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This is the place to make your own contribution to our musings about the continued refinements of our art. If you are a newcomer leave us questions, an old salt seasoned observations. Academics are welcomed to file the occasional polemic, flyers opinions on kites, photographers guidance on that fair art, spammers nothing.

In any event, if you are interested in KAP please participate in the discussion. As our forum has amply demonstrated over the last eight years - we learn from each other.


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    God bless this discussion board and all those who give and take on it.
    Simon (Tokyo)
  • Anything that will promote and help this Website. So many here have helped me. Thanks Chris and all.

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    Greetings all. Look forward to using this. Looks very nice and clean around here.
    Like a new house we've just moved into, white walls and everyone running from room to room to check out what's different.

    Simon H

    PS Wow we can edit too!
  • Super! Even pictures! and NO SPAM? Ausgezeichnet!

    chin UP

  • Works fine.

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    Thanks Cris! I like this environment, good work!

    Would you like to import old forum into new? What other thinks about this idea? Of course sorting every thread into right categorie takes time but it worth to do or what? Maybe I could help...

    Again, thanks for your effort!

  • Just the place for a KAP!

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    Very nice Chris ! Works like a charm.
    I'm looking forward for using this board.
    The 'edit' function is also a good improvement.


  • This is very smart! I chose a user name that I thought was just used for logging on, but turned out to be used as the header of a post. Since my user name only made sense to me this was a mistake, but the system not only lets you change your user name, but does so retrospectively, so old posts get the new username!
  • Well done Chris for doing all the hard work on setting this up and for keeping the old system running dispite the spamers. This is a lot easier to use and it will make it much much easier to follow each thread.


  • Compliments to you Chris, for creating a great looking new site.

    keep it up!

  • It looks like a home run! Kudos to you and to all the KAP community.
  • Mike and Lori signing in!
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    Great job with this site, Cris. It does indeed feel like the KAP community is moving into a big new house.
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    I was going to offer the Flickr discussion forum as an alternative if the spam became to much for the old site, but this is far, far better. Thanks, Cris, this has given the written discussion a new and vibrant lease of life.

    Now I can spend even more time online - I love it.
  • Geat new format mate
    Very easy, clean & efective
    Well done Cris.
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