Three line tension tripod

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Has anyone experimented with two auxilliary lines attached to the main line (above the picavet attachment points) to control the angle of attack, height and general stability of the camera?


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    Short answer is yes, but more people are planning to play around. Tom Benedict has another thread on this: Rock-solid camera mount.
  • Great!
  • There was a related thread on the AP Landing forum where someone used a KAP rig with a single auxiliary line, marked for length, to set a precise altitude for the camera. Apparently it worked like a charm.

    I haven't had an opportunity to try either of these techniques, but I recently changed out the line on my hoop winder for a hiking trip. So I've got a bunch of light line sitting around looking for something to do. Chances are slim this weekend, but I may have a chance to try this later in the month.

  • Yes, I have experimented it , and it works fine. Have a look on the archeo page on my site:
  • I take it it's a three-person job to operate this?

    I saw you mentioned the need to keep the two side lines tight so the camera suspension doesn't rotate and wind up the two lines. Are there any other surprised to be aware of when using something like this in the field?

    Thanks for posting this. Your explanation is quite good for how you set it up.

  • Nice to see you around here occasionally, Becot-san.
  • As usual, I always manage to do it alone. After the two side lines are anchored, it's operated almost as any kap session.
    There is no surprise to expect. Be sure there is enough space around on the field. As the side lines shall always be kept tight, it is necessary to move the hooking point A and release or wind up the main line to maintain the rig at the same place. It is easier to shot pictures when the side lines are inclined towards the kite.
    On the drawing, it is shown starting with the bar upwind. Depending on field space,it is possible to start with the bar and the side lines downwind.
  • Good to know! That makes it a lot more attractive. I almost always KAP alone, so being able to do something like this single-handed is great.

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