WW Kap Project!! Ready Set GO!!

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Hello Everyone!!!
Bas did a super job with the banner WOW!!!!
That means


  • Linnar,
    Sure you can!!! Just go to the sign in discussion and put your full name / City / country
    You are welcome!
  • Ramiro, congrats on getting your idea to this stage, and to Bas for the work on the banner.
  • Is there a full schedule of praticipants and their order on the list? I'm just wondering where I am on the list now, I haven't kept up with the other discussion on the topic.
  • Evan,
    I have a list of all the participants. My idea is to complete first the "european tour" and then flying to the Americas.
    Since you are in the East cost of the USA, most probably will be one of the first in the America's tour.
  • Sounds good to me. Thank you!
  • Ramiro, sounds good. In the US now....but in Ireland in mid October....

  • WW,
    You are right, we could jump from north to south hemisphere looking for better weather if needed.... after all this is a global project!!! JAJAJAJA
  • Bass,
    Are we ready to move??
    Please let us know! :-) :-)
  • I'll ask, please to all the Kapers that will be participating in the WWKP in Netherlands to send me an email to rpriegu (at) gmail (dot) com
    so we have an esay way to coordinate the project.
    Thanks and regards
  • I've not followed this thread and associated threads in total detail so I may be preaching to the choir and this may already be under constructionbut now things are kicking off, I wonder is there a suite of suitable social networking tools we can use to track the progress of this, plot a route, make sure we know who is next on the list, tell tales of our adventures, pass on our best wishes to those ahead of us etc etc.

    I'm thinking of a blog type of thing with Google earth/ mapping capabiility with comment and picture uploading and ability to PM addresses between members etc. The sort of functionality where we can log in and see a map to zoom into / click on / add comments/ see photos and stories.

  • I've been thinking for a while on the same lines as Simon, and think that this community could use a portal type website. I am NOT saying that this forum site should be replaced, as it is invaluable. However, this token project could be sort of the "beta" test for creating a new site with additional functionality and features. I have created multiple portal sites for Corporate Intranets and Extranets, personal websites, and Wiki's, so I think that if there was enough interest, that we could have something online fairly quickly. My personal portal of expertise is DotNetNuke, and it's open source, which has a nice price point. I would also be willing to host the site, again if there is enough interest. Here are some of the modules that could be enabled:

    Google Maps integration
    Photo Gallery
    Online Chat
    Event Calendar
    RSS Feeds
    Custom Forms
    Shopping Cart
    User Directory

    What do people think?
  • Good idea Simon and PubUltraStar. Please go ahead.

    The domain name www.wwkp.net is avialable.
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    I also looked that up, but think that something like www.kiteaerialphoto.org would be appropriate. Then you could use subdomains like wwkp.kiteaerialphoto.org or forums.kiteaerialphoto.org (Which could point to this site). I'm thinking long term, and other uses for this, not just wwkp. Just my 2 cents.

    Also, sorry for hijacking this thread. I'll put something together and publish in the next day or so. People can decide once they see it if it's something worth pursuing.

  • I really like all (and I'm open to) your ideas... So far I made a blog http://wwkapproject.blogspot.com/ where you can see the info about this project (with the corresponding google map) http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=115188680739216865677.00047340b77efc2b494ef&z=7

  • The banner was in Holthees and is now on its way to Gorinchem.

    @kiteaerialphotography.net, on Flickr">wwKAPcp Banner in Holthees, Netherlands
  • BasBas
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    At the end of the summer
    I take this picture on a short dry moment on a stormy Sunday afternoon. Wind was about 6BF.
  • Beautiful banner Bas.
    What kind of kite did you, and Peter, use?
    It was windy on sunday.
    I use small delta's with strong winds.
  • The kite used for this picture was a Paul's Fishing Kites Mega Mouth. But, as you know, we don't have the stormy winds as you have on the islands.
  • Good to hear you got the mega mouth flying wel.
    Mine won't stay up in the air wathever I try.
    Maybe with Ramon coming over in a week or so whe can try to get it up in the air.
    Yes, we had some nasty winds last weekend Peter.
  • I just received an e-mail from Fabian. He was able to do his thing this morning before hell broke loose again (rain and such).

    Anyway, he will send the banner to Zaandijk and maybe I'll be able to do a banner session on Wednesday, being my non-professional day. Otherwise it will be part of our baggage for our holiday to Terschelling. There I can personally hand it over to our esteemed Gerrit Bart. Just to speed up the project...


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    Yep, the banner is on full speed now! Yesterday evening I got it from Theo (he said he will upload his pics later), and I got up early this morning to be before the rain showers.

    Next in line is Ramon!
    The banner is not only beautiful on pictures, from close it's even more beautiful in real.
    It is still almost virgin white (except for signatures of some crazy men), I expect it will show some experience when it has travelled around the world...

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    The picture I made on 09-10-'09 from Gorinchem The Netherlands
    10 degrees, Sun, gusty wind East 4 Bf, Kite a CHI with 7m fuzy tail, Pentax A20
    Radio controled with video down link
    Gorinchem The Netherlands
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    More pictures on my website

    And the CHI, ( sorry in Dutch, working on a translation )
  • Great. 4 participants in a week. Let's keep up that speed.
  • Gerrit,

    When I was taking this picture I used an Sanjo rokaku from 1.2 meter in hight wit a fuzy tail (10 meter long) for extra stability. The KAP rig was radio controled with video down link.

  • Thank's for the info Bas.

    It turned out to be a nice banner.
    Won't be long and I can admire it at close range.
    I like the project.

    Gerrit Bart
  • I'll be adding all of the KAP'rs that signed up for this onto the Token Map on the WWKP website in the next few days, as Ramiro just sent me the full list. We should probably also start discussing who should get the banner after the current regional users in the Netherlands are done with the banner. Let me know your thoughts. Should be keep it in Europe for a while longer? Is the weather nicer in the southern hemisphere right now? Anyone really want it because of changing seasons??? If I don't hear from anyone, we'll probably keep it in Europe for a bit, and then send it down under. Thoughts?

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    Hi Group,

    Did my thing today, on Terschelling, at one of the iconic buildings of the island of Terschelling. Pics can be found on flickr

    Wierschuur Terschelling

    Wierschuur Terschelling

    Wierschuur Terschelling

    Tomorrow I will personally hand over the banner to Gerrit Bart. Oh, a note from my side. I contacted Pieter who's supposed to be the next in line about my plan to go to Terschelling and that it would be unpractical to send it to him and that he'd send it back to GB who's living here. He agreed to change the route and that he'll receive the banner from GB. Thanks, Pieter!!!

    Cheers from the north of Holland.

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    Yes, today is the big day.
    Ramon will bring the banner.
    Hoping for a bit of sun and wind.

    PubUltraStar, you'r right We should start discussing who should get the banner after the current regional users in the Netherlands
    Maybe it is a good idea to, how do I say it nicely, to consider the older members of our group first, Brooks said it somewhere along the line, if it takes to long I may never see it.
    It can happen to all of us ofcourse but why not give it some tought.

    Just my toughts
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    Hello Everyone!! It's time to move on!!!
    From the Netherlands we'll move to Belgium and from there to Germany

    # user City State Country
    6 Gerrit Bart Volgers Terschelling Netherlands
    7 Pieter Meulenhoff Noordhorn Groningen Netherlands
    8 Yvan Van Hoorickx De Haan Belgium
    9 Peter Engels 53902 Bad Muenstereifel Germany
    10 Dieter Sattler Laatzen Germany
    11 Matthias Grimm Lahstedt Lower Saxony Germany

    Here you can see the next route:

    Route to Belgium and Germany
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