Eye-Fi SDHC card

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I know that some of you have expressed interest in using the Eye-Fi cards. I just came across a very good price on the 4GB version. As always, if you're interested you should jump on this quickly since the price can change or the item can sell out.



  • Hi Michael - seems that I missed it... for future reference - what was the price?

    Thanks, Matt
  • Matt,

    It was $29.99.
  • Wow - that IS a good price! Now I've got a target...

    Thanks, Matt
  • was wondering if you can use this sd card to transmit photo as-you-shoot directly to a laptop on the ground. What would be the max operating distance?
  • Try doing a search on this site for 'eye-fi' There are all sorts of answers there.

    Fly High
  • I Googled 'eye-fi' and found that there are all sorts of different ones. The 'eye-fi Pro' has different festures to the ordinary one and there is a 'eye-fi geo' which geo reerences your position to the nearest wi-fi connection.
    So be aware of what you need or want before you buy the cheapest!

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  • I have recently had a look at this again and find that the eye fi x2 is compatible with my Pentax w 90.
    I found 2 more brands which do this wi fi transfer of photos from your camera.
    The Transend one also needs your camera to be compatible with it. http://www.transcend-info.com/products/Catlist.asp?modno=409

    The Toshiba "Flash air" can be used on any camera and you look at your photos on your phone/tablet pc/ pc using the browser. You can manually copy the photos from there. http://www.toshiba-components.com/FlashAir/index.html
    A quote from their web page:-
    "I want to use a FlashAir™ SD Card in my digital camera. Do I need a special type of camera?
    The only requirement to use the basic functions of FlashAir™ is that the camera needs to have an SDHC compatible slot. SDHC means, that your camera can handle SD Cards with more than 2GB Capacity. So if you have already used an SD Card with more than 2GB with your camera, the FlashAir™ SD Card will also function in your camera."
    You can download apps to your android phone, tab or PC etc to configure it and more easily transfer photos automatically. The distance is only from a few cm to 10m at most so it couldn't be used while actively KAPing.
    Could be a useful tool. The SD slot of the W90 is at the bottom and I have to remove it from the rig to transfer photos at the moment.

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  • Hi
    I used an eye-fi card as an experiment: unsuccessfully. The stated range is nowhere near reality. About 40 ft for a decent data rate and 100 ft tops with a boosted wireless router. The reason is the radio transmitter on chip is tiny and low powered also it has to transmit from inside a metal camera body and the only way to do this is via the SD Card port door. GoPro / App seems promising. I'm using a long range radio remote and a 2.4Ghz POV camera. It works great.
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