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  • Some scripts use tune_unit_pulse, others do not .. for some reason.

    It is better if tune_unit_pulse is not used and the correct default value is automatically set for each camera in the code.
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    Dave, David and James

    You made a HUGE job, definitly.
    in fact, I have a lot to learn... and first I'll join the RTFM group as an active member.

  • You can now do one of two things.

    Go through the scripts and change the tune_unit_pulse values


    remove the tune_unit_pulse.

    The 35 value in Serial Comms menu should be retained after power-off.

    Do all the scripts work ?

  • David

    Need more time to be able to answer this question.
    Will try step by step and tell what I found.
    Have to go back to work, first. :(

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    I'm not completely satisfied with the values of tune msec. 35 or even 37. from time to time the servo mainly the CP one, and the tilt one as well, have surprising moves,even when the camera want to take a picture!! all this without any change in the script running, or in the placement of the transistor and so on...

    so I wanted to redo the test S0 calibrate.
    I shorted again white and black, with a system already used, a sharp splinter forceps (on the 2 external metal pins of the connector), and a rubber band to hold it in place.
    it worked fine until now.
    the clip was probably moved a little and I was alerted by the smell of burnt plastic. I think I made a short circuit between the + and -, and metal parts of the battery holder were heated and made a hole in the plastic sheet on the table .... just in front of me, in a few seconds.
    a little more and I needed the help of the firefighters. ouch!

    Well, I'll start this more correctly.
    any advice for a convenient and clever short on these tiny m
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    not sure, but I think, I win a new CP-SDM in the same time!!!
    I'll check a bit further but with a new battery set (holder and battery) no response from the servo.
    I ran again the check-list, but little hope.
    to be continued

    edited: still working, quite strong this little thing.

    Phil78 alias CP-SDMinator
  • Shorting the battery would not affect the CP ... luckily.

    I have to say, this is not a very satisfactory procedure, better provision needs to be made for it on the connectors.

    Most users will not need to do this test, but some will.

    It would be a little unfair if that resulted in destroying the CP.

  • Fried components is the sort of thing I feared when contemplating the calibration procedure. Not to mention the fact that I didn't want to unwrap the protective tape surrounding the one decent soldering job I've ever done.

    On CAMremote, Linnar provided 2 pins which, when fitted with a jumper, put the device into a different mode. This seems much more foolproof. Maybe an additional connector can be provided with clickPAN-SDM which will already have the white and black wires shorted, to be used only during calibration?
  • I've gotten to the point where the G11 will work, at least the tilt with the following settings:

    Unit Pulse Width: 35
    Tune msec value: 12

    I'm still working on getting the PAN servo to work properly, and will post my results if I get it to work.
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    In fact, I think (hope) you find these results

    Unit Pulse Width :12
    Tune msec value : 35

    unit pulse width 12 stops the jerking movement of my tilt servo, during my 360pt script test.

    PS: during s0 calibrate, with tms 35, I didn't manage to get the standard (tilt) servo back to the exact initial position (s1). tms35 upw10 allows to get back as close as possible. tms35 upw12 seems to get it back home almost perfectly

    360m servo + turn script + tps35 upw12
    with tps35 upw12, when I run the turn script (tps command line off) with the 360servo, the servo moves twice for each value from 1 to 10. the rotation is increasing linearly but with 2 equal rotation unit moves for each value. I don't know why. in the script there is only one send data.. so? (and in the 360PT script 1.83 A570, same 360 servo, only one rotation at a time).
  • Philippe

    one possible reason for the double move of the pan servo is that in your script the 'n' parameter has been set to 2 not 1. I put in the ability to do multiple moves because a highly geared pan servo might not move enough on a single pulse, no matter how strong.
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    here the script I use

    I think I change only 1 line

    rem simple pan 360servo tester script for clickPAN-SDM - Dave Mitchell TURN
    @param p pan servo (1 or 2)
    @default p 1
    @param d direction (1=CW, -1=CCW)
    @default d 1
    @param s pulse strength (1-10)
    @default s 5

    print "up/down to +/- pulse"
    print "left/right to set direction"
    rem ensure SDM is set up properly

    tune_unit_pulse 35

    if d < 1 then d = -1
    if d > 1 then d = 1

    while 1
    if s < 1 then
    s = 1
    d = 0-d
    if s > 10 then s = 10
    if d = 1 then print "Clockwise=", s
    if d = -1 then print "Anticlockwise=",s
    S = (s + 100) * d
    if p = 1 then send_data S, -128, 0
    if p = 2 then send_data -128, S, 0
    if is_key "up" then s = s + 1
    if is_key "down" then s = s - 1
    if is_key "left" then d = -1
    if is_key "right" then d = 1

    and I don't know where would be a command for 2 unit moves but I am an "newcomer" there too.

  • Phillipe,

    does a tune_unit_pulse = 42 and a unit pulse width of 10 also work ?
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    Dave and Mike

    with tms35 upw12
    I made a lillte change in the turn script (see previous post)

    original 2 rotation moves
    if p = 1 then send_data S, -128, 0
    if p = 2 then send_data -128, S, 0

    new one 1 rotation at a time
    f p = 1 then send_data S, -128
    if p = 2 then send_data -128, S

    perhaps a path to follow

  • David said:
    does a tune_unit_pulse = 42 and a unit pulse width of 10 also work ?

    I tried once and my 360servo had funny response to the different values, turning or rotating at diffrent speed and direction of rotation.
    The camera battery is getting low and I didn't want to add a new variable in this.
    so I will have a break for a few hours.
    to be continued.
  • Sorry Philippe. The turn, tilt and rotate scripts have a third parameter on the send_data. If you remove that (ie change "send_data S, -128, 0" to "send_data S, -128" I think the double move will disappear. I've removed the extra parameter from the versions on my website.
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    NO problem !!

    Dave, David, James,
  • David said:
    does a tune_unit_pulse = 42 and a unit pulse width of 10 also work ?

    tilt OK
    pan still having trouble.

    so far tms35 upw12 seems better for me.
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    in a previous post I said: - 360PT.bas is running fine
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    Finally, I think I found something (This has already been reported, somewhere)

    It is a matter of time ... as usual!

    After the rotation command, I added time to allow the servo to move before the order is crushed by the next one (if this makes sense).

    rem and pan a bit tested OK
    print "Pan ", n, " pulses of ", s
    for i = 1 to n
    if p = 1 then
    send_data S, -128
    sleep 1000
    send_data -128, S
    sleep 1000

    or may be like this not tested, might be OK
    rem and pan a bit
    print "Pan ", n, " pulses of ", s
    for i = 1 to n
    if p = 1 then
    send_data S, -128
    send_data -128, S
    sleep 1000

    In any case, it works. GREAT!!

    slow servo = lent servo = servo lent = cerf-volant = kite
  • Philippe - many thanks for persevering and discovering a solution. I will update my sample scripts once more!

    PS good pun (calembour?) too
  • to be continued

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    Time for another cup of tea ...

    I just want to know, can we say that the clickPAN-SDM works on the G11, it is just that the scripts need 'tweaking' ?

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    I would say that.
    I tried another script 360P without any problem
    I found the "time solution" when I looked pr
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    I've updated the script zip here and made changes to the scripting document too - adding provisional notes about tuning the G11 and S90 and information about the "oscillating pan" script I wrote for Michael Layefsky.

    Unfortunately I can't attend KAPiNED, but Michael and James will be there and I hope that together they can sort out some of the remaining issues. And if others bring SDM-capable Canon cameras along James can verify the clickPan-SDM settings for more models.
  • David
    Told you so :)

    All ready done. You are amazing!!
    PS Unfortunately, I could not attend, me neither.
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    Are you interested to add CHDK-PTP support to your SDM builds? Then you don't need to use extra external light sensor to send data out from camera but you can use USB port for bidirectional communication.,4338.0.html
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    I do have a special PTP build for my A620.

    I have not pursued this further at present.

    There is no way the inexpensive PIC chips that James uses could do the PTP communication.

    Nevertheless, PTP is something I am keeping an eye on .. it is still highly experimental and not all cameras are supported.
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    CAMremote has PTP communication so it is not a big task to add support. Could you give me your email please?
  • microfunguy AT gmail DOT com
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