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I'm just not sure how and where to enter the text profile.


  • There's two things you can do: 1) create a profile discussion and 2) add some detail to your account settings.

    The first thing you can do is write a profile or Bio of yourself. Doing that is easy. Just click the red "Start a new discussion" link on the left. For the category, select "Member Profiles", the discussion topic should be your name and the comments will become your profile. You're basically creating a discussion about yourself and making your profile the first comment. The key is to put it in the "Member Profiles" category. Then when anyone visits that category (by selecting "categories" in the top tabs and "member profiles" in the category list) they will see your profile along with those that others have created. Note: don't sweat the details in this posting, you can always edit it later.

    The second thing you can do is add a personal icon and a photo. You can have an icon next to your name on all your posts. And whenever anyone clicks on your name or icon, they will see your account details. To put some useful info there, click the "Account" tab at the top of the page, then click "Personal Information" in the menus on the left. At this point, you can add a photo of yourself to your account: enter the URL for a the photo you want to use in the box labeled "Account Picture". (So your photo needs to be accessible via the web beforehand. Using Flickr is a good way to do that.) Similarly, you can put a URL in the box labeled "Icon" and that will become your personal icon. One other neat thing you can do on the Personal Information page is create "key/value" pairs. This can be anything you want to appear at the bottom of your account page. For example, you could add a the key "Flickr Home Page" and set the value to your Flickr page's URL. That would give people an easy way to navigate to your Flickr stuff. You can use key/value pairs for anything you like.
  • Thanks David.
    I feel like a newbie ;-)
    I don't havea web site or account yet.
    So for now I'll just be the invisble man.

    Hey Cris, maybe you can add a (system) Help category

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