Carl Bigras (profile)

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I have been KAPing since the late 1980s, well before internet discussions and when information was scarce. KAP is my way to unwind and enjoy both my passions of photography and flying kites.

I am a professional photographer by trade, working for the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI), which is an agency of Government of Canada in the Department of Canadian Heritage. CCI is recognized for its leading-edge research into innovative approaches to the conservation of cultural heritage. Our photographic documentation procedures include x-radiography, infrared reflectography, ultraviolet fluorescence and digital image processing.

My work takes me to all corners of Canada, from the high arctic, seaside archaeological sites, to aboriginal rock art sites. I also have been able to apply KAP techniques successfully to my job at some of these locations, providing valuable aerial surveys.

I enjoy promoting KAP through photographic displays or presentations for local camera clubs, museums or national kiting events. I have also written a few articles for the Aerial Eye and presented a paper at a professional symposium on
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