Dieppe France Kite Festival -Le festival International de Cerf-Volant de Dieppe 11 Sept-19 Sept 2010

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This huge international festival runs from 11 - 19 September 2010. 35 - 40 countries are usually present.
This year celebrates the 30th festival
I have just sent my 'inscription'. You need to register and send details of your insurance to be able to fly in the festival and get the very necessary car / Camping car parking pass.
This is a panorama of half the pebble beach and half the festival site. (flick at the moment isn't giving me the option to put in the html link)

This is from the web page
The International Kite Festival of Dieppe
A colorful festival

One of the main characteristics of the Dieppe Kite Festival is its international character with the attendance, to each edition, of about forty invited countries.

Every 2 years, there are eight hectares of lawn between the city and the sea which is available to the kite flyers and the public. This exceptional area forms a kind of natural amphitheatre.

Listed among the 300 biggest world events, in all categories taken together, this innovative festival presents all the kite disciplines. The best teams and acrobatic kite pilots, the best creative artists, but also a wide panel of traditional kites are faithful to go .

This free festival allows, thanks to many activities , to learn the construction within the framework of workshops, or piloting at sessions supervised by professionals. Specific activities are organized for the children, schools, and the underprivileged public such as the handicapped public . On the kite village, the contact with the official delegations is permanent.

This festival develops intercultural and innovative actions. It enables also to initiate an entire artistical work of creation and to promote world artists (sculpture, painting, music, etc.). The organizer team is also engaged in a reflection around the new technologies.

The festival of Dieppe, accessible to everyone, receive more than half million of visitors. It is considered today, given its international representation, as the biggest kite festival in the world. It provides the visibility and readability of the kite world heritage also the know which is linked to it.

The festival of Dieppe takes place every two years, even year, the next one will take place in September 2010. A great celebration is already being prepared because we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the festival!

All inquiries to: Dieppe Capitale du Cerf-Volant - BP 142 - 76204 Dieppe Cedex - infos@dieppe-cerf-volant.org - www.dieppe-cerf-volant.org

General festival coordinnator: Sandrine Fr


  • Yep, planning to be there Arriving Thursday, leaving Monday. Hoping to meet up with Emmanuel again, as I missed him at KAPiNED.
  • Hi Sue,
    We are planning to get there Saturday afternoon 11th for the week.

    Can you point me to where I need to register please?

    What evidence of insurance do they need to see; is Kite Society membership enough?

    Many thanks in advance.
    Kind regards
    Andy & Christine
  • Download a registration form here. They just need you to confirm your club insurance covers you. If you mean KSGB membership, that doesn't provide insurance. You can apply for insurance on the registration form for 15 euro.
  • SueSue
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    @ kitetravellors
    In Britain, some of the kite clubs provide 3rd party insurance. I am in the Midlands Kite Fliers, contact jim.cronin@mkf.org.uk for membership. (this includes a good magazine too and an editor willing to put KAP articles in)

    Fly High

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    There will be a stand especially for KAP and a KAP contest.
    This page on the 2004 festival is a kap and pole summary of what it is.

    Also these pages from Maxime Rousselle 2008 2006 2004 . Text in French but a lot of pics.

    I will be on the festival from sunday 12th to sunday 19th
  • Thanks all!

    It appears that the registration fee of 15 euro also gets me discounted food menu as well; just need a magical 'discounted beer' ticket and we will be set to go!!

    We are looking forward to meeting up with you all.

    Kind regards
    Andy & Christine
  • SueSue
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    @ Kitetravellers.
    It isn't a registration fee, it's for insurance. As I said above, for about the same amount you can have 3rd party insurance for the whole year from MKF AND the MKF magazine.
    The festival is free to kite fliers and when you register you still get the discounted food menu (usually 2 courses) and the ability to fly inside the arenas.
    You've to pre register for the KAP competition and the night flight and other competitions at the same time as your initial registration.

    I've just looked at Christian's 2004 KAP photos and they show all parts of the festival site and also the Friday night meal (also to be pre booked). This is usually a good do where most of the fliers go and can meet up without the distraction of flying a kite!
    See you there.

    Fly High

  • See you in Dieppe, in Sep 10 out Sep 12
  • not for me this year.
    Sorry. HAve great time.
  • I wonder if anyone would like to organise a KAP outing during the week. If any one lives locally &/or knows a good place not too far away from Dieppe I think it would be fun to go out in a group for a day or afternoon.
    Remember it is WWKW 2010 during Dieppe week.

    Fly High
  • Hi All, and thanks for the good wishes Sue.
    I will be unable to attend that week, have a GREAT time all.
    Best regards Mike
  • Hi Sue, I will be in Dieppe too.
  • Hi Sue, I will be in Dieppe for the whole week.

  • Just started this morning!
    Meeting places for kapers are the kap stand and the CVCF (Cerf-Volant Club de France) stand.
    There is a kap contest.

    Some look of the place on this webcam sitted on Dieppe castle. The ferry harbour at the far end is 1.4 km away. The green where is the festival is 100m width and total width with the beach is nearly 200m.
  • Hi !

    Nice Wind and weather here !!



  • Looks absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  • Hi !

    I am not at home now because i spend one more week for holidays in France, but a small pano from Dieppe is ready...

  • It was great to meet so many of you there

    Fly High

  • Sue, it was a real pleasure talking with you and thanks again for explaining me all the ins and outs of the Pentax W90 camera!

    One more question that I forgot to ask: being at a kitefestival (f.e.) it is sometimes hard to get close to the object that you want to shoot. What are you recommending: Bring the camera down and adjust the zoom so that you get more or less what you are looking for with the risq of blur or you just keep on going shooting from a distance and work it on the PC afterwards.
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    Hi !

    Aerial and Groundphotos from Dieppe are online...

    Best wishes Gerhard

  • Whow Gerhard, I am impressed!
  • greeat photos.
    thanks for sharing
  • Great times!
    Gusty winds didn't discouraged kapers.
    Hopefully for those attending the kap contest Gerhard didn't went in!
    Gerhard's Dieppe gallery is gorgeous . Really outshining from an outstanding kaper.
  • Great gallery, Gerhard. I recommend that people look at your Dieppe pano in large format. It is fantastic!
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    Great images indeed! amazing number of kites!

    Reminder.... It would REALLY be very cool to see LOTS of beautiful KAP images from Dieppe in the WWKW-2010 book... PLEASE send them 'en masse' to kiteaerialphoto (at) gmail dot com with some details and a nice story. See here for details. Please, also remind all French friends on the French forum!

    I want a big fat KAP book for Christmas ;-)
  • SueSue
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    It was the 30th anniversaty of the festival. Here's proof.

    30th anniversary of Dieppe festival

    Thailand was the invited country with their dancers who attrtacted crowds each day


    I managed to get the bouy this year.


    It was great to meet so many KAPers there.
  • Hi Sue, What a great picture, I ran over that field maybe a 100 times. I have never seen that 30 in the grass
  • Hi !

    Anyone of you know the date for the festival 2012 ?

    Best wishes Gerhard
  • Not yet disclosed.
    It most probably should be 8th to 16th of September
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