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I received an internal e-mail this week from the hazardous chemicals folks at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where I hold a seldom used title of Faculty research Associate. The header read:

Super Glue Lessons Learned

My first reaction on reading about the incident (not too far off topic for us workshop folks) was a large yikes/shudder. My second reaction was how useful this


  • Wear gloves. It's hard to KAP with string burns.

    Here are my favorites, and they're on sale as I write this:
  • 1. Using light weight aluminum and a nibbler tool while makeing a rig is much better than using a saw. I learn that from Broox.

    2. Spend time to balance each section of your rig. It will be worth it.

    3. Only show your wife/husband the rig when it's complete and not after every ziptie has been placed perfectly. :)

  • Good idea !
    Use flyinglines only for Kap, use other lines for "every day" flying, so you can be sure the line ist Ok...i learned this point last late but now i am shrewder !!

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