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Since there are now a few NEX-5 KAPers, I wanted to report that I ordered an extra battery for my NEX-5 for $12.79 from this Ebay seller.
The battery charged normally in the Sony charger and is working perfectly in the camera.

While I'm at it, I'll also report that I have successfully (and happily) used a gent360-LED and CAMremote to trigger the NEX-5 via infrared pulse.

My latest test flight yielded this 2-image stitch taken with the 16mm lens at f/5.6 and ISO 400:

Albany Bulb


  • Stunning quality of that image, Michael, at least at this size.
  • Thanks Michael, I purchased that battery today, it came to less than 10 euros including postage.

    I bought the rectiliniar fish eye adapter for the 16 mm lens yesterday as a fun lens instead of getting a GoPro. It is quite heavy (+/- 150 g), but works ok on my rig with the camera moved back a bit. The image quality in the centre looks ok. There is CA (chromatic aberration) in the corners, but I can get rid of it all in RAW processing (Silkypix pro).
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    I'm wondering if inserting an HDMI plug into the camera would cut off the signal to the LCD and preserve battery power. I used to do this with my Canon point and shoot cameras and it would radically reduce power consumption.

    I was wondering about that fisheye adapter, Tony. Looking forward to seeing some sample images when you get something worth showing.
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    > Looking forward to seeing some sample images when you get something worth showing.

    No wind this morning, but here is a fisheye image. I was a bit surprised by the quality in the centre of the image of the default RAW conversion and made an attempt to convert it to an ordinary wide image by removing distortion and aberrations as well as I could (about 30 seconds work) Some CA from the right top right of the image was removed:


    So we have a 10 mm (15 mm 35 mm equiv) rectilinear fisheye lens that in some circumstances (when you are not too bothered about the edges) will function as an approx 12 mm wide angle lens. An interesting aspect of this is that when the fisheye lens is used with the Sony panorama function, only the good quality centre part of the image is used in the strips (except top and bottom) and the result is much better that I would have expected. This may well have interesting KAP applications.

    Incidentally the fisheye converter is made in Japan. It fits on the lens cap bayonet, but it locks securely in place, so no KAP worries here.
  • Thanks for posting those images, Tony. That is really wide, and the lower one is a definite improvement. It should be fun to get the fisheye look from the sky too on occasion.

    Have fun with it and I look forward to more images of whatever you're shooting in the near future.
  • I just received my HDMI cable (ebay, $4) and sure enough, it does turn off the LCD when the plug is in the camera. Using a mini-USB plug (minus cable) would be a good way of preserving battery power for the NEX-5.

    I plugged the camera into my 42-inch flat screen TV. The NEX-5 1080 video looks incredible!

    The camera shows live view through the HDMI cable, so it would be possible to use a long cable for pole aerial photography with a monitor like this.

    Here's a PAP shot taken with the NEX-5 with 16mm using no video assist:

    Birdseye Autumn Ginkgos
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    I just want to report back on a fairly definitive battery test. During my second BAP session 2 days ago, I again had the camera in the air for several hours. Both the Sony battery which came with my NEX-5, and the cheap eBay battery began the day fully charged and both were in the air when they became discharged enough for the camera to turn off.

    The results:

    Sony battery: 1,045 photos
    Ebay battery : 1,036 photos

    Hey...did I hear you laughing about the likely fate of my NEX-5's mechanical shutter? Stop that now! Luckily I get a few good photos, so I'm happy with the arrangement to far.

    Note to self: learn to be more efficient in 2011.
  • Hi Michael,
    I tried to disable camera's LCD by plugging mini HDMI in it, it seems to work only if there is something connected on the other end (TV). If there is nothing, the mini HDMI doesn't disable LCD.
    I used small HDMI-to-miniHDMI adapter to test.
  • Yurik_ryba,'re right....I just confirmed this with my cable. The LCD stays on unless it's connected to something that's turned on. Just connecting it to my TV when the TV was turned off had no effect, but when I turned the TV on, the LCD went blank. I was just trying to figure out how best to stick a plug in the camera's port without having to do major surgery on my new camera rig.

    If anybody has any ideas on how to turn the NEX's LCD off without having to send a TV up with it, please let us know. The more compact, the better.
  • Dear All,

    I'm also a happy Sony Nex-5N rookie KAPist. I'm interested in making my shots lasting as long as possible.
    I've made my first real try today of Sony NEX-5N with GentLed-Auto and I managed to take 1061 pictures within 3h10. I was in manual focus, display set on this special mode adaptated to viewfinder which ony displays technical information. I've just noticed now that lcd brightnes wa manually set to max. To give a comparison, I also did a try at home one night and with the same intervall, same display mode, but LCD brightness manually set to min, I took more than 1236 pictures within 3h30.
    I've also tried to fool the sony nex with a hdmi cable with resistors but I could not make it work.
    Last remark, some people in the forum dpreview share the same interest than us. Look at this post :

    Thank in advance to the one who'll find the trick !

  • Dear All,

    Just in case it can be interesting to somebody. I did new tests with the Sony NEX-5N, Sony battery, a 64Go card and GentLedAuto intervallometer.
    NEX settings are the following :
    -LCD brightness manually set to mini
    -activated the viewfinder display mode which displays only technical information
    -RAW+JPG acquisition
    I did three "indoor" shooting sessions with different batteries and intervals:
    -one at day time lasted for 4h, taking 1363 pictures at 10s (27Go)
    -one at night time lasted for 4h05, taking 1382 pictures at 10s (25Go)
    -one at night time laster for 3h40, taking 2603 pictures at 5s (46Go)

    With this crude and simple test, battery and LCD power consumption seem to be the limiting factor (twice much shots do not result in twice less autonomy)

    No new findings about turning the LCD off ?

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