World Wide KAP Week 2011



  • Who will make the book this year? Didn't see in mentioned anywhere?!?!

    @Tom: Congratulations, cool subject! I hope there will be no censorship by your organization?
  • @ Puffin & John W
    I've sent you both a whisper with my mobile no - log in to see it.
    John may be able to come on Monday.
    I'm around till Tuesday morning when I'm going home through the Derbyshire paek district. I'll have another try at Arbor Low stone circle and the Seven Sisters stone circle.
  • I'm thinking of going to the new Millom & Haverig kite festival in South Lakes the 7 & 8 May . (I hope the fine, warm weather lasts)
    It's still WWKW then and I haven't been to the Lake District for many years.
    It's on the coast on the North side of Morecome Bay with a backdrop of the Lake ditrict hills.
    Any North of England KAPers going?

    Fly High

  • I've whispered you back Sue, Sunday is the only day I free this weekend, some of us have to work for a living! LoL
  • Ready, Set, Go!

    With WWKAP Week 2011 well underway (in Asia) I wish all KAPers a fun and safe week.

    We still need a book editor....any takers....or should we switch to a group edit....

    Putting the finishing touches a two new stratospool reels batteries charging....should be a fun week.

  • Of to France in 9 hours from now... I'll be here for the weekend..

  • And off we are!

    Good morning/afternoon/evening group,

    Just a quick salute to all of you from NL but soon from France too! Have fun during your WWKW and make the best out of it.

    We'll be leaving tomorrow morning and we are now busy packing stuff (and probably some kites and cameras too). Probably no KAP today, but most probably tomorrow.


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    Hi. BKT greets all kapers over the World.
    We have permission to fly over Poznan. Tomorrow we make KAP, in the city.
    Aloha z PL Ania & Piotr BKT.
  • Hi Piotr,

    Good news! A banner is not really necessary, but if you want to use it, go ahead. It's your party and you decide what will be in your pictures.

    Good luck, tomorrow!

  • Sue/Puffin, I won't be getting out to play after all. Sorry. Text sent, Sue.

    Have fun.

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    The first contributor stepped forward today - David Thyberg from Sweden. Congrats, David!

    To all participants: don't forget to add the tag WWKAP2011 to make it easier to search later on.

  • Thats not good John, I'm meeting Sue Sunday morning.
  • Close call, but day 1 of WWKW 2011 went well. Wind forecasts called for a 7-9kt northerly in Kona starting around 11am. As I drove down, this is what greeted me:

    Emily Hates Kites

    Flat flat flat, with nary a breeze to be had. By noon it was still flat flat flat. I ran some errands in town, stopped by a friend's house, and found out it really had been blowing a good bit starting just before noon all week long. Just not today. ARGH!

    On the way back north the wind picked up, but coming out of the south. Ah well... Now I know how the weather man feels when things don't work out. I stopped at Kua Bay, a favorite of mine and my only flying spot for the first World Wide KAP Week, and got some good stuff before heading home:

    Manini Owali toward Four Seasons

    Now I'm off to check the wind predictions for tomorrow, but this time I'm taking them with a grain of salt!

    Hope everyone is having a great World Wide KAP Week! Keep flying.

  • My wife wanted to toss her name in the hat for book editor.

  • Despite the glorious weather we've been having in our region the wind has been rather fickle, either none or too much! Here's hoping good wind conditions coincide with the limited time I'll have for KAP.

    Go for it Tom, sounds like a good idea, I'm sure you'll be on hand to give support!!

  • Just checked my local forecast for Sunday, 17 to 20 mph. PFK wind, which is much better then the 1 to 4 mph we have had all week. Happy and safe KAPping everyone.
  • Too much and too bumpy wind for me today, so spent the day working on banners for an upcoming trip to Wembley.
  • I had planned on finally participating in this event this year, it's not meant to be. A week and a half ago, I tried to remodel an area at the bottom of some stairs at our house with my head. I can tell you several areas hurt, the doctor says it will probably be another month until heal up enough to fly a kite again. Too bad as the weather is finally stabilizing after the winter storms and dead calm periods. I had three main types of targets/subjects in mind to try capturing that are only available here in early spring.

    I have been spending some time this winter designing and making some new gear to help make KAP easier for me, I had sure had hoped to try it out during WWKW11. Maybe next year as long as I can keep avoiding the dirt casserole. I'll be looking forward to your adventures posted here.
  • I'm on the scoreboard..... 9.7GB of pics taken in 40 minutes with my D5000 hanging below the PFK.
    Fractello Tower KAP
  • Bumpy? oh yes i remember that, proper nerve tingling with the lightening and all but we stuck it for 3hrs. 10/30mph for tomorrow with an Easterly flavour, i know where i will be
  • Tried launching today, but the wind barely kept the FLED up. One minute it soared, the next minute it floated down like a leaf. Never had enough wind to attach the rig. A couple of young kids came by with their mom. The boy (about 7 years old) thought the kite was cool. Made me smile.
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    I had a great KAP day today! The wind was perfect, the sun was out and there wasn't even a blizzard (a snowstorm is now dumping its load on the next province).
    I launched my 6 foot rokakku alike kite attached my panoramic rig, and spent an hour walking along the river and over the campus, all worked out for once.
    Hope everybody gets a good chance this WWKW!
    Frank (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
    WWKW2011, Saskatoon 1
    WWKW2011, Saskatoon 2
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    Today looked promising, as we had very windy conditions in South-Eastern Wisconsin. However, I had a KAP session a couple of weeks ago that I would describe as "catastrophic", so with that in mind, I waited all day for the wind to die down. Anything over 25mph, and even my FF8 dives, loops, and lists hard to starboard. The forecast showed that the wind was suppose to come down a bit, so I left for a KAP session at about 5:00pm, with Sunset before 8:00pm. I started with my FF16 as my handheld anemometer read 12-18mph, and was able to launch without issue, but after bringing the kite down after about 20 minutes, it looked like my Canon G11's script stopped after about 15 pics. I had the GoPro up too, but really wanted some straight down images from my AutoKAP rig, so I tried to relaunch. By this time, there didn't seem to be enough wind at lower elevations to get both camera rigs in the air, so I switched to my FF30. For the first 5 minutes this was stable, but after it got some altitude, I realized that I was in major trouble.

    Now, I'm a big guy, and have had sessions in the past where I've had "difficulty" getting the rig down. However, this was the first time I've be Kiting where I had some serious concerns not only how I was going to hold on, but how I was going to get the cameras and kite down. I definitely put the stress test on the line, and made my way back to my car to tie the line off and relax my grip for a bit. At no time was I ever personally in danger, but I had some doubts about my ability to recover my gear. The tension on the line was so tight that even using a carabiner to walk the line down was very difficult. Slowly and always tied off, I got the gear down. Physically and mentally, I was exhausted. I thought this was a good opportunity to remind people to kite safely, and have a good plan.

    - Know your gear
    - Have a mental checklist your review before you fly
    - No aerial image is that important that you must risk your safety, the safety of others, or your gear...
    - If you get in trouble, have a way to tie off, and walk the line down.
    - KAP with someone that can help you
    - Make good judgments
    - The FF30 is powerful. Respect that.
    - Mother Nature can slap you down, and you have nothing to say about it. Think twice in very windy, gusty conditions.
    - The tension on the line can be dangerous. Wear gloves, use a carabiner to help bring in the line.
    - Be safe and have Fun!

    I did get some good images for the book, but the stress of today's session reminded me that you must be careful when you're out there. Hopefully, the remainder of WWKW will be safe for everyone.
  • YOWZA! I don't own a FF30, and I'm not sure I should. Today the wind was good at Upolu Point, so I flew at the Mookini Heiau. I used a Flow Form 16, but it's similar to your story with your FF30. Too much! I flew the Push N8 gear for a while, but it was just too much wind for that kite. I'll second your points about having a place to tie off and having the right gear to get a kite down safely (gloves and carabiners). With the rig safely down and the Flow Form in the bag, I put up my PFK Nighthawk and re-launched the rig. MUCH better. A second flight with my A650 wrapped up an increasingly good session.

    Mookini Heiau 2011

    Four photo panorama that wouldn't have been possible in that wind without the Nighthawk.

    When I got home, I dumped the photos off the cameras, put the batteries in the chargers, and found out we were making cookies for dessert tonight. Yaaaay!

    - Tom

    P.S. Henry, that seriously doesn't sound good. Take care of yourself and heal up. Heads do better when all their stuffins stay inside!
  • Take care Henry and hope you recover quickly. I'm sure you'll be OK for next year. 4 weeks ago the retina in my right eye became detached and following major eye surgery I too am recovering, although surprisingly I have full vision back in the eye albeit still a little distorted. I've missed out on the last couple of years due to various reasons hoping to defy that despite all!!

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    Hi All,

    Great PFK weather here in (my part of) The Netherlands. But no WWKW time today: went to church this morning and did a commercial KAP session this afternoon 8-)
    Although... I captured a few cows by accident... ;-)

    Happy KAP week!
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    Here in our part of Scotland we've had the most incredibly perfect spring weather for weeks. We moved house back at Christmas so we are just getting to know the new area. As with much of Aberdeenshire there are castles. This time we have one very close by as our house used to be the castle gardeners cottage. The current owners are happy for me to do aerials. But the real target for me is about 5 minutes away.

    Ecclesgreig Castle

    Ecclesgreig castle

    (as captured by the master of all things spooky, Simon Marsden.)
    Suffice to say this is one of the most challenging locations I've shot aerials at. After 5 visits I've a handful of images, nothing good. Beset by calm conditions swirling wind, kite eating trees, this is going to be a challenge. I went down yesterday evening for some golden-light WWKW shots, All I succeeded in was temporarily putting my delta in the top of a tree.

    Ecclesgreig will be my WWKW challenge, our Scottish meet up will be a dream shoot in comparison I think.

    Enjoy WWKW all and fly safe.

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    Its been a bit of a slow start in my part of the UK. Friday I had a site all lined up the North Yorks Moors. I had been up there the two previous days filming for a TV program. After days of bright blue sky and wind the cloud rolled in leaving an overcast sky. I decided to abandoned my target and head for home. We did stop off in a village that had a really overgrown ruined castle but it was difficult to get due to the wind direction. I soon gave up and headed home. Yesterday was again sunny but with strong winds and I had no motivation. Today I made the effort even though the wind was again 20-30mph (later up to 40mph). At least I got a token low level contribution to post. Tomorrow may be better, although string winds are forecast again.

  • Today, Sunday 1st May, I meet up with Sue at a large reservoir, Bithfield Waters, I managed to fly my PFK but Sue struggled to get her kite up, according to my wind meter we had gusty 10 to 17 mph winds but full sun. Managed around 250 shoots with my Pentax W80. I must say, Sue is an amazing Lady, many thanks Sue for an interesting morning, yes I would like to meet up again. We said our goodbyes just after lunch and I made my way home.

    But as I was passing through Lichfield, Staffordshire, I realised that the wind direction, from the East, would be good to get a few shots of the Cathedral. I stopped and set up, winds still blowing like mad. So up went the PFK again, 17 with at least one gust to 27 mph!!! However, I did get nearly 600 shots with my Ixus 107 running SDM. I've got to go through them yet, but will post those I like in the next few days. I had to fight the PFK down as the wind picked up in speed even more by 4.00pm. If it was not for a couple of park benches that I clipped off to, I would still be there now hanging on for grim death! A great KAP day for me, but Sue did not have a high wind kite with her and the flying ground at Bithfirld was minimal in terms of space. Hopefully more KAPing in the week, work calls.
  • Happy WWKAPW11 everyone! Was just looking through everyone's photos so far, and must say the bar has been elevated this year. There are some fabulous pics already in the group, and cannot wait to see everyone's results at the end, or in the book. Keep up the great work everyone. Superb images so far, one week left, get out and create your own wind if you have to. Would love to see your photos included this year! Happy flying.

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