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  • My first attempt to shoot some nice pictures for WWKW failed.

    I was flying the kite and my wife was controlling the camera with a Dunecam. After five minutes she said: "The display (of the camera) says: 'No Memory Card'". Shoot. It turned out that the memorycard slot was indeed empty, and the card itself was in still my laptop at home (150km from the subject). The night before I cleaned up the memory card, installed a new version of CHDK, updated and tested my dunecam scripts.

    Another try later this week.

  • Ack. Got in a splendid position to shoot Ibrox (Rangers FC's home ground) but the wind was FILTHY, gusting from drop-out-of-the-sky, even well above those Scottish trees, to will-my-spar-hold-out? in seconds. Never mind, I'll go again.
  • @ Henry. I hope you're feeling a bit better by now. It's a shame to miss WWKW 2011 after all your preparations over the winter.
    I was pleased to meet up with Puffinyesterday (Sunday) and was quite happy just to accompany him KAPing at the Blithfield Water. I was interested to see his Aurico rig and red fishing kite which flew high and had a terrific pull in the VERY strong wind. He got a great capture of 5 cyclists on the causway. Their shadows looked more real than they did.
    I'll try my delta in a big empty field today to see how it performs in this STILL very strong wind.
    The wind for tomorrow (Tuesday) is forcast to be less & I intend to KAP Arbor Low stone circle and also the & ladies stone circle, both in Derbyshire, England
    Happy KAPing and KAPtures to you all.

    Fly High

  • I had a mixed day yesterday, one location with fantastic wind and the other with almost no wind at all. All in all a good day, in my book.

    Then I got home, started dinner, and OOOOooh boy things started to look weird! My very first migraine. At the advice of my wife, who knows way more about migraines than I do, I'm not planning to go out today. As they say here, "Bummaz!"

    But already I've done more KAP this year than I could last year, so I'm still smiling. And tomorrow is another day!

  • Tom. Not to sound preachy but don't take your headache lightly. I once was hospitalized with meningitis. Luckily, it was fairly mild. It all started with body aches and a bad headache. Good luck.
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    Sue trying to fly her delta on Sunday, it was just too windy for comfort.

    Blithfield Water 2011-05-01_00004 by Barry Carpenter, on Flickr

    and Sue

    Blithfield Water 2011-05-01_00010 by Barry Carpenter, on Flickr
  • So far no luck here.... rainy weekend (awful weather) and today beautiful day spent at the office... :-( :-( :-(
    Still waiting for my change to go out....
    I'll keep you updated.
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    Some fine shots have been turned in already this week!

    I'm zero-for-the-week, so far, but I'm having a good time trying.

    I've been to some interesting places I'd never visited before, such as an old one-room schoolhouse ( one of only a couple left in California ), and a restored Victory Ship ( SS Lane Victory, a WW2 era transport ship ) in Los Angeles Harbor.

    I got the conditions I wanted yesterday ( Monday ) at the harbor, but I had to pick the day after Bin Laden was killed to KAP there, which was the same day security was ramped-up to it's highest level, so I was shut out!

    I was told I could have flown all the kites and taken all the photos I wanted just the day before, and they told me to check back sometime in the future - after things cool down - to try again.

    Waiting for the wind to come up, I toured the old Victory Ship, and watched a giant container ship navigate the narrow channel - just barely making it under the Vincent Thomas Bridge. Very impressive. That would have made a nice shot!

    The Harbor's always going to be there, and the Lane Victory is restored to brand new condition, so it's going to be around for a while, too. I'll be back!

    The winds have turned around this week. Instead of blowing in, from the coast, the winds have been coming out of the desert. This happens a couple times a year, usually in the late summer - early fall. It's interesting, because it causes the temps at the coast to be higher than the temps in the desert. It was hotter in Long Beach yesterday than it was in Palm Springs!
  • Every day so far here in Kent UK has been strong gusting winds, I am a nervous wreck chomping at the bit waiting to get airborne.

  • The wind doesn't seem to be a problem its the blanket cloud that only seems to be where i want to be, and grey skies seem to make grey shots :-(
  • Hi all,

    Here a quick sign of life from France.

    Have not been able to do much due to heavy winds. Have been able to do some KAP at Cap Blanz Nez and our temporary home village, Escalles.

    I am sorry to inform you that today we had a severe car crash between Escalles and Wissant on our way to Boulogne sur Mer. We made it to that town, but in two ambulances. Our car has probably saved our lives. We are all OK apart from contusions, neck pains and the like. The other folks are OK too and the folks that were nearby helped us a lot.

    No fortunately no KAP from our part yet. We deal with it later. No worries, my friends.

    A vibrant salute from France,

  • Oh No!!! Ramon that really bad, just thankful that everyone is OK. Just take it very easy my friend.
  • Wow Ramon, that's really bad news. But very good that it is not so bad that you are still hopeful of getting some WWKW images!
    Take it easy....
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    @Len - likewise, but I'm stuck at work now so won't be able to do anything until the weekend. The long range forecast shows the winds easing back over the next couple of days, and a pleasant weekend.

    @Ramon - very bad news, but glad everyone is reasonably ok. Shock will set in, which you'll have to overcome, so will probably need something to keep you occupied - KAP?
  • SueSue
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    WWKW Tuesday
    @ Ramon. I hope you all recover OK and are well enough to KAP during the week after your long jouney and accident. Drive safe home!!

    The winds have died down today to F3 and less and I KAPed two stone circles between 2 & 4 thousand years old. I used the yellow delta at the 'Nine Pins' near Leek in Derbyshire which flew well at that site. It only seems to part of a circle but has a 'King Stone' 50m away which is a feature of a number of stone circles. At the nearby hilltop, there was a circle of smallish stones, like the local stone walls are made of, (now with trees growing on it) which could have been some sort of habitation.

    I drove through some magnificent countryside, past huge jagged outcrops of stone I could see from the Nine Pins and down into Crowdicote village then 20% UP 2 miles of narrow, winding road (including 2 hairpin bends which are unusual in England), with stone walls on both sides - remember that I'm driving a 6 1/2 m motorhome - ending at Arbor Low stone circle.Phew,arrived safe. Mop fevered brow!

    WWKW 2011  rocky outcrops from   NINE PINS STONE CIRCLE WWKW 2011 ARBOR LOW STONE CIRCLE
    The delta didn't like the wind there so I changed to my favourite Power Sled 24 giving a good pull, lofting the Brookes Autokap rig and Pentax S7 camera easily.
    I needed to be higher to take the whole circle which is surrounded by a henge, that is - a circular mound and ditch, with two entrances, with a raised flat centre which has the stone circle on it.

    Fly High (I should have taken my own advice)

  • Best wishes for a quick recovery, Ramon. Hopefully there will be no long term consequences.
    I have been looking forward to contributing to WWKAPW but for weeks we have had very unstable southwesterly winds here in Iceland and a few dead calm days in between. Today would have been good but I was busy on an assignment. The forecast indicates very little wind in the next few days. I keep my fingers crossed and hope for a good breeze to lift my kites.
    Again, best wishes.
  • Ramon, I'm glad to hear your injuries weren't more severe. And I wish you a speedy recovery.

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    Very sorry to hear about your accident. Thankfully no one was seriously injured. I hope you have a quick recovery and do get a chance to get a few pictures this week. If not, we know you're KAP'n in spirit! Thanks for all the work you've done to help organize WWKW.

  • Hi Ramon.
    We're sorry about your accident. We think that all ok. We wish to return to health.
    Regards BKT.
  • @Hoi Ramon,:Dat is schrikken zeg! Ben je blij dat al je spullen weer veilig op de grond zijn, en dan crash je zelf :-/ Ik hoop dat je snel weer 100% lichamelijk en geestelijk de oude bent!

    @Hi Tom, Is your head functioning again? I hope so! I have not seen much reaction to your wife being tossed in that hat... I hope it is not too dark and lonely there? I don't feel I have much to say about making the book, but tell her I am grateful that she is willing to take take the job (and it's OK with me)!
  • OH MAN! Ramon, take care. Glad to hear everyone made it out in reasonable shape, but keep tabs on yourselves. Trauma injuries can take a while to develop fully. The last time I was in a crash I kept finding new bruises for days afterward. The kites can wait.

    @Hansel - Head's functioning again. I got out, but the wind was terrible. I put up my Nighthawk, hung the camera, and it started doing a head-banging dance. Maybe 20 degrees of up-down rotation of the whole rig from the Picavet down. I remember thinking, "This is never going to work." Most of the set was blurry, and far too many shots were completely horizontal because I had to swing the lens up in case the rig touched down hard. All gear came home safe and sound.

    I had a lunch meeting planned for the afternoon that worked out well. It touched on KAP, so I figure it was keeping with the theme of the week. We'll see what comes of it.

    I'll let my wife know you're grateful she was tossed in a hat. ;) If you see her in there, her name is Rydra. Say hi for me.

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    @Ramon. Take care, glad it turned out OK.

    @Sue. Sounds as though you went up Crowdicote Bank (hairpin bends) on your way to Arbor Low. I used to live in Longnor in the 60's.
    In a previous post you said you were going to the Nine Ladies in Derbyshire which is near Stanton in the Peak. Are you aware that the site you visited is actually in Staffordshire and called as you said the Nine Pins? The county borders around there are very confusing. The Nine Ladies are much more complete than the Nine Pins. Legend has it that Nine Ladies were caught dancing on a Sunday and were turned into stone as a punishment. The site is on English Heritage's website. Been there a few times and it does have a timeless air about it, not spooky but just ancient! Getting back to the picture you have put re rocky outcrop, this is in fact part of the Roaches. Glad you enjoyed the scenary it is a fabulous part of the country and I feel very priviledged to live there abouts.

  • In a previous edition of WWKAPW we discussed about risks taken during this week, Ramon be careful, stop watching kites while driving
  • Let's hear it for sturdy cars. Glad you all survived OK, Ramon. Big deep breath now.

    Brava Rydra! That's great spousal dedication!
  • Thank you all for kind words of encouragement and comfort. Very much appreciated!

    Right now it's 24 hours ago that we were in this accident. We just had a quick look at the pics I made of the wrecks and good Heaven, we have been extremely lucky, especially my daughter Laura who sat behind the door that is now in a sharp V-shape to the inside.

    This night I realized the two other kites are still in the car (probably with carbon in bad shape) so my WWKW2011 should be considered as done. We hope to have a replacing car either today or tomorrow to get to the place where our trusty Mazda is residing to collect all other stuff.

    Will keep you posted.

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    My condolences too, Ramon. My own bad luck (rain and gales for the first 3 days, strong gusty winds for the next two) pale into insignificance.

    I did manage to take a few low-altitude shots at Lacock Abbey, including this one (which shows the subject of the first ever photographic negative):
    The Oriel Window
    and some photos of the Royal Crescent in Bath, including this one:
    Royal Crescent, Bath
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    Sorry to hear you're out for the week. I was up early to see if I could catch some morning light but there was no wind. For some reason I thought of you and was inspired to try some GAP (Garage Aerial Photography).... :)

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    That's a very considerate and appropriately presented message Mike!

    Ramon: I'm also very sorry to hear about your accident, though glad that it was not worse. I wish everyone involved a quick and full recovery.

    I haven't had any success KAPing yet. I spent last weekend in a very scenic part of New York State:

    where I hoped to take pictures of rock climbing from a different perspective, but the winds did not cooperate. Back home, it has been raining every day. Hopefully things will improve before the end of the week.

    Have Fun,
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    Glad to hear you all are doing as well as can be expected. Get well and put it behind you. Guess I shouldn't gripe about things here at my end of the road--
    not enough wind, too much rain....

    Very nicely done!!!!

    To All,
    I would imagine that if ever an exemption would be in order, I'd propose the obvious; that Ramon be invited and encouraged to submit any shots he might choose, even though they may be outside the somewhat magical, somewhat maddening window of WWKapWeek.

    My best ,
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    Ramon, hoping you and your family fully recover quickly and that you can get back in the air soon.

    Rain here today on the East Coast of the US....but the weather has been good for the most part with 7 KAP sessions so far and plans for a few more by the weekend. The wind has ranged from very light (Dopero) to 30+ knots (Nighthawk).

    I updated my annual shot of "Kites that lift cameras" below. I have updated the image to include the name of each kite and a link to the full set to see close up shots of each kite.

    I have also completed two new light weight stratospool reels this a few minor tweaks to do to complete this work.



    Kites That Lift Cameras
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