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    @ Toadstone. Yes it was Crowdicote ( now edited in the earlier post) WOW!! What a drive I had. I would have like to have KAPed the Roaches but there didn't seem to be anywhere for me to stop.
    I didn't realise which county the Nine Pins was in. All the South Pennine range is Derbyshire to me. Sorry.

    Re. my lack of height in the Arbor Low photos. I REALLY NEED the video downlink that Kitetraveller is sending sometime - soon I hope.

    @ Paul Costello
    I second the propasal that Ramon choose other- non WWKW Photos if he needs to.

    Fly High

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    Sue - i think your answer was to Peter (Toadstone) :-)

    Ramon Take it easy on the way home. Glad to here you are all ok. As others have said you have every reason to be granted an extension.

    Here we have extensive moor fires which has led to blocked roads and has limited my KAP access. I have one brilliant target that I am really keen to get but might not have the chance. I could walk in but the fire crews have been supported by a helicopter. Not ideal conditions for KAP.

    I have had to settle for local sites with easier access.

  • I really am sorry to hear of your misfortune, how quickly everything can change. Were I able, I would loan or give you some of my kites, I have enough kites for several visiting KAPers were there ever any to visit my area.

    I hope this is the end of any mishaps, accidents or ailments so the rest of World Wide KAP Week 2011 will come off without a hitch and lots of wonderful shots by everyone to boot.

  • @Meerstone. Yes it was. Now edited. I'm still recovering from being away. Brain dead!
    p.s.Which roads are closed ? I may be going to the new Millom and Haverigg kite fest in the South lakes (if it stays fine - no fun flying in a downpour) on Thursday or Friday and probably going though North Yorkshire to get there.
    Fly High
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    Again, many, many thanks to all of you for being here to support us after our mishap. Mike, do you still have enough toilet paper? If not, give me a ping - we have plenty!

    I have good news to share. This afternoon our temporary car arrived from Holland (exactly the same brand, type, model, even the same color!!! And brand new!!!). Earlier today our co-camper Henk offered to drive me to our wrecked car to collect all other stuff that was still in the trunk. I grabbed the kites first and to my surprise the two were still in perfect shape. After our evening meal I took the "Levi Light" for a session from the rear camping field. So I'm still in this thing. I hope there's more in this year's WWKW edition for me :0)

    Good to read that many have been able to be active and already have posted some pictures on flickr. And I sincerely hope that those who have not been able to get out yet will get there share in the coming days.


    Self portrait with spectators
  • Ramon,
    Thanks, This one took less than a roll, so we're good. :) My neighbors did wonder why I was TP-ing my own yard...
  • Ramon,
    I'm glad to know that you and your family are OK. Please take a lot of care on your way back home and get well pretty soon.
  • This is all such great GREAT news. Mike, I love the GAP! Smiles all the way. And Ramon, it's fantastic to see your camera back in the air. This really gives new meaning to the phrase, "Keep flying!" And I can't tell you how good it is to see ALL of you standing upright. YAAAAAAAY! I'll second what Henry said: May the rest of WWKW be devoid of accidents and ailments. Stay safe.

    I had a zero output day, but I learned a lot. I've flown in Pololu Valley at the north end of the island, but there are some valleys south of there I haven't. The only way in is to cross Pololu, go up the far side, and keep walking. The wind and weather at Pololu weren't great, so I thought, "Why not?" I kept going. I went as far as I knew the trail, two valleys further back, and stopped to see what the situation was. Gusts to 25kts, lulls to 10kts, and everything in-between. It probably could be flown, but it wouldn't have been any fun. Meanwhile I got to scope out two locations I thought of flying from, only to find they really didn't afford the view I was after. Tired, but wiser, I called it a day and stopped off at a friend's delicatessen on the way home to re-fuel.


    P.S. Broox, I passed on your brava to Rydra. She's starting to get the deer in the headlights look, but I know she'll have fun with it.
  • Sue- should be no problem. We have had a few small local roads closed here in West Yorkshire where the fire crews were working.

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    It doesn't take long to miss a lot sometimes. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Glad to hear all is well now Ramon. Good to see you are getting out to fly some.
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    Hy all,
    Well, until this evening, I thought that my WWkapWeek was (for my own photographic contribution) really badly engaged.
    Wednesday, I took a day of but the forecast was terribly wong. Absolutly no wind or just some little gusts in my county, just to not really give up. Too bad.
    But whatever this regarding Ramon's, Henry's or Tom's problems...

    Ramon, I was really relieved that all of you get out of the car relatively safe.
    And your kites have flown again (if not there is a good shop in Stella-Plage, in the right of the main street).

    Everyone, have a great WWkapWeek and keep yourself safe.
    Best thoughts from France,
  • I was hoping to get out again this weekend, but it started raining hard, the first we have in at least 6 weeks! Oh well, should not complain too much, we really need it as the ground was dust dry and rock solid. One up side, it will wash the airbourne dust and pollen out of the air, clearer pictures hopefully when the sun does come out.
  • SueSue
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    I had a good day on WWKW 2nd Friday. I went to 2 places near Hull, England, which have disused lighthouses.The first is at Paull close to Hull on the Humber estuary The wind was off the Humber and I had a short session and lunch there. IMGP0715

    The second is at the end of a 2 mile sand promentary at the South East corner of East Yorkshire 30 miles from home.

    I met ( and was KAPed with 4 Lifeboat mens' children who were using a fixed ladder to get on to the beach. One little boy was calling to his Mum to ask if he could go on the beach to "see the lady with the kite". The answer was "No" and he stayed on the wall. Good lad. The Spurn lifeboat is the only one in Britain to have a permanent crew who live there with their families. There is also a Coastguard station and a river pilots' place. The Humber requires ships to use a pilot to navigate it's deep water channels through the sandbanks.They use high speed launches to take the pilots on & off ships.


    I spent 3 hours there starting at the Humber side and walking round the end of the point back to the lighthouse on the North Sea side. Home 8pm - just before dark. I remembered my sun cream today but not my hat!!

  • I see you made it to Spurn Head, Sue. You mentioned it last week when we met.
  • SueSue
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    Yes, I had a good day there.
    Today I tried for the Humber Bridge. There was enough wind - but not until late afternoon. No sun. Sill no rain (since late winter /early spring)
    Not a good KAP day - but better than a lot of people are having!!
    WWKW 2011    Humber Bridge (8)

    Fly High

  • Sue, Great shots!
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    Since Apr 29 : 100% cloud cover, 80% rain and no wind ..." la nina effect", One last day to participate, I may have to attempt B&W KAP under the rain making my own wind behind a boat....
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    Not the best of news Ramon! But it's good to hear all came out relatively unharmed.

    Pierre, looks like your good weather travelled north. Over the past few weeks we have experienced excellent sunny and warm weather. Berck was a whole week of sun, first weekend of wwkw2011 was perfect flying weather and this weekend it great again! Here are some shots from yesterday:
  • Today we still have Southerlys @10mph with gusts to 40mph, shed loads of Grey cloud, ideal extreme Kap weather in the odd shaft of sunlight :-)
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    Ramon, that must have given you all a big scare. Good to hear all is ok.

    Today, I was finally able to do some successful flying. Last weekend, it was much to windy. So, I took the friday afternoon off, cycled 20 km to a nice 19th century fortress, and found out the wind dropped. Having only brought my FF03a, KAP was not going to happen. This sunday afternoon, I was able to squeeze in a quick hour of KAP, resulting in some ok pictures of the river floodplains close to home, and the IJssellinie, an old cold war defence line. Nothing too spectacular though, but it being gusty, I spend some time this evening learning how to tilt, correct for wideangle, and crop images...

  • My girlfriend and I had a good day of KAPing! I'm doing a project on South Padre Island, Texas and had never flown a kite with a costal breeze before. Wow, how awesome it is! Nice stable and easy flying.

  • I had a failed attempt today, nearly lost a kite in a wood, not good. At least I managed a couple of sessions last weekend. I posted a report about the wayward kite in the Lessons Learned section.
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    This may be my only decent KAP photo this time around. Maybe not worthy enough for the book. But, I was still happy to participate this year. Wind was good for awhile, then my kite didn't have they pull to lift the rig. This was the first time flying at this location. The WWKW gave me an excuse to get out there. Next time, I hope to get some evening shots to get some lights in the photos.

    How can I get my image to show correctly? I've done it before, I just can't remember what I did or don't know what's changed.
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    It was just too much yesterday, a shame as we had lovely clouds racing in, 20/40mph winds brought an early decision to leave the rig in the bag, on the ground 0/40mph. I didn't want to risk the 100lb line (strength of my grip isnt good) so went for the 175lb and moved the anchor to the top hole . Did i read somewhere a shorter spar is used on the PFK in higher winds? I think both these things added to its skittish behaviour on watching the whole video. Twice it came over my head and floated quite happily on slack line until like a leaf it fluttered around before being grabbed by the next 40mph gust. The gusts can be seen quite easily on the audio track. 43mph was my highest record on the ground, it was nice to have the kite fly out of my gloved hand for a change at the site but i had two tree crashes which i managed to re-launch out of the branches easily considering the wind was against it, but then minutes later this happened, which involved a bit of 8' fence scrabbling

    No Kap shots but a lot of fun, someone else was at the site with a small Fled when i arrived, one of those kids ones maybe 6" sq with two tails, which set off over Somerset on its own at the first gust, the supplied line was cotton, i refrained from laughing not wanting to upset the little fellow.
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    Last minute, VERY low wind...nice day

    Some low level KAP.

  • @ Celaya
    Go to the Flickr page. Click the most right down-pointing arrow just above the image and select "grab the html code" . Tick the HTML button, select the complete text presented and paste it here.
    Than make sure to tick the HTML option field to correctly format your comment.

    and here it is:
    IH35 near Rittiman Rd, San Antonio, TX
  • I've been out again on 2nd WWKW Sunday and had two sessions.The second was a surprise castle in the sun with the strong wind getting less as I flew. Pics later.
    5 days KAPing - if you count my session with Puffin. Great fun.

    FLY High
  • I had a very successful KAP on Saturday, April 30 at the abandoned Brewster-Douglass Housing Projects in Detroit, an unsuccessful attempt during my lunch break on Thursday, May 5 and a so-so KAP on Belle Isle in the Detroit River on Friday, May 6. I have a couple of blog entries about the successful times (click here).

    My KAP at the Brewster Projects was my longest single session to date at a little over and hour of air time and resulted in some very nice shots.
    Brewster-Douglass Housing Projects [A630-2516]

    On Belle Isle, the sun set before I could get the shots I wanted. However, it did yield a couple of sunset pics.
    Sunset Over Detroit From Above Belle Isle [2770L]

    Glad to hear all is well with Ramon and everyone else in the car accident.

  • FYI, I made it!!! In the very last day, after a first weekend of rain a week of work and a windless Saturday.... I managed to get a successful KAP Session in "Rep
  • So....what happens next? Doesn't someone usually collect these and make a book out of them, or are we just posting them here? :)
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