World Wide KAP Week 2011



  • Someone needs to volunteer. Someone who preferably didn't do it last year. Just think, no pressure to get it done by the holidays with the extra couple of months...


  • Tom's wife has stepped up to bat I believe
  • Flown a few places in Scotland during KAP week, sometimes it was very windy.

    Met up with simon H, James Gentles, dictybloke

    Only one mishap. Rokaku in the middle of the Caledonian Canal - Recovered safely.

    times run out at thurso library.
  • WWKW 2011 ended in a whimper for me. A storm system rolled through, so the first three days was all I got. But I'm happy with those days, so it's all good.

    I talked to Rydra (my wife) earlier today, and she was also asking what happens next. I've still got the upload web site I used for the 2009 book, and offered to set that up so it would drop all the photos on her laptop. That's the route she's planning to take. I'm going to help her get the latest Blurb software on her laptop today after work, and brain-dump my notes to her.

    She'd like to give everyone a couple of weeks to go back through their images and pick out the ones they want to use for the book. As soon as she's got an idea of how long she wants to leave the web site up, I'll let you know. (Better yet I'll get her on the forums so she can post this for herself!)

  • Hi Rydra
    You're the brave one this year. Thanks for 'volunteering' - even though you know how much work you'll have to put in!!

    Fly High

  • Here is testing Wicherd his tips
    from my flickr page

    De "tante Bart"
  • Ok, works alright, thank you Wichard

    And thank you Ryda for volunteering for the job, fantastic
  • Not having done this before, can we have an idiots guide to what is expected in terms of image quailty, size plus anything else that is required, thanks.
  • Hey guys... I have bee checking the Flickr WWKW group and if you are keeping your best stuff for the book (as usual) I can't wait for it!!! Congrats to everybody, this WWKW has a lot of beautiful pictures!!!

    PS: I'm keeping my best stuff for the book too.... ;-) ;-) ;-)
  • Puffin, just be patient, all will be revealed, the process will be clarified and there will be instructions where to post your pictures and words to. All will become clear.
  • Thanks Simon, just a little in the dark, so I will wait to see the light.
  • OK, Folks, WWKW2011 came to an end last Sunday. I hope that everyone had their share of fun and can look back at a great week. I am also happy to read that we have a volunteer for a new book. Rydra the brave!She can work on the book with the knowledge that her husband has done one before, so that's great.

    For sure I hold back the best footage for the book, although I haven't got that much to choose from. You all know why.

    Last Saturday we drove back in a rented car (all covered by our assurance, fortunately) and got back to 'normal'. There's still some stuff that needs our attention, but in the end we will overcome this mishap for sure. The show can go on. With the same people, but another car.

    If you still want to add pics to the WWKW group, take your time. I will close it at the end of May, so there's plenty of time to work on your footage.


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    Ramon, Tom, Henry and anyone else with mishaps during the week ... please don't mention KAP to your insurance agents, we might get classified as high risk! But seriously, I'm glad Ramon is OK, Tom was only troubled by headache and not pneumonia, and Henry will be joining in WWKW 2012.

    My last KAP session of the week the winds were so strong that I had trouble bringing down my FF8! When I got the rig off the line, I handed my KAP slave a Henry Jebe special carabiner and had her walk it down. Unfortunately she was new to this and at the end I could see it was going to end in a tree. The wind was so noisy that she could not hear me shout. Well, we were able to pull the kite out of the tree (it must not have been a hungry tree).
    Lake Moran in Santa Cruz
    Lake Moran

    At the opposite end of wind problems, I also tried - for the third year in a row - to KAP the beautiful San Jose Municipal Rose Garden. Afternoon breezes and the screen of eucalyptus trees meant that even Fled and Dopero would not fly reliably.
    SJ Rose Garden
    Rose Garden
  • Can someone tell me why img links to photos on Picasaweb do not display and I only get the ALT text? That's why I had to put in 'a' links in my previous message.
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    Test picassa

    Works for me. Make sure you're grabbing the image url specifically, not the page URL, if that makes any sense.
  • @pubultrastar: Thanks Mike, now I understand that Picasaweb has this silly "link to this photo" which is NOT a link to the photo - instead it is to the Picasaweb page that displays the photo. What I have to do is display the individual photo, then right-click, select "Copy image location". So I've now corrected my original message.
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