World Wide KAP Week 2011

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Hi all,

Some of you already contacted me about this year's episode of the World Wide KAP Week, better known as WWKW (2011). Due to illness and some other 'stuff' not worth mentioning I had to postpone any topics on this subject.

But as our last episode appeared to be held in a somewhat KAP-hostile month for quite some KAPers I think it's fair to say that we have to put it back to where it belongs - the month of May.

I would like to suggest to have this year's edition organized from

Friday April 29th until Sunday May 8th.

Some brief info for the newbies:

"Everyone gets out wherever they are, as much as they can, during WWKW, and does KAP or something related to KAP (public speaking, gallery showing of KAP photos, etc.) Pictures are posted to the WWKW Flickr group for folks to share. If we're doing a book again this year, unmodified photos are submitted to the person coordinating the book along with captions and a block of text describing yourself, your experience during WWKW, etc. " (Credits: Tom Benedict).

I hope you are all able to participate in this 4th annual KAP endeavour. If you are willing to promote it on your local KAP forum, please do so.




  • Count me in Ramon! May is a good month!

  • This will be my first WWKW. Sounds fun...
  • Great - will there be a T-Shirt again?
  • Hi Ramon,

    Good Idea, very good week.

    Maybe the WWKW is a good excuse to have a small KAP gathering, like you suggested last year, somewhere in the Netherlands?
  • That is the week before finals and my birthday week, so either I'll have lots of time or none at all. Still, I'll make sure to get out!
  • Pieter's suggestion makes for an interesting thought, it would be great for KAPpers in each country (or area/state) to get together during the week for some group KAP. I'd certainly enjoy meeting up with my Scottish buddies at a location agreeable to all for a day during the week. Then we could have group and individual photos.

  • Hi all,

    Glad to see that May is welcomed as this year's KAP month.

    Pieter, unfortunately I will be abroad (France) for a short holiday
    In that case I should be able to meet some of the French KAPers as I will be at Cap Blanc-Nez for a week.
  • Sounds interesting, a lot depends on work as I never know to far inadvance as to what I going at any one point. But I'd like to take part.
  • It's the week with UK's May Day Bank Holiday on may 2nd. It's looking good already.

    Fly High
  • Great news.
    May looks good despite that the 1st and the 8th (closed in France) are on sundays... (Ok, no relation with WWKW but we "loose" 2 days of kap).
    Wathever, it's a good news that Ramon will be in France on this week.
    Effectively, why not an international meeting with Frenchies, just a whole year after Kapined/10 ?

  • Good idea! I look forward to participating :)

  • I hope to participate for the first time this year. May is a great time.

  • posted to the Facebook KAP group
  • I'm IN! I'm bound and determined to stay well this year, darn it!

    I like the idea of trying to put together some local gatherings during that time. As far as I know there are four KAPers in the whole of the Hawaiian Islands. Arranging a gathering of at least two of us might be pretty straightforward.


  • Posted to the AKA forums.

  • I'm planning to participate this time. This should help me out of the KAP funk I've been in the last couple years.

  • I've reposted to the KAP group on Flickr.
  • Thanks Mike, Tom and Dave!

    And Dave, if you need some encouragement, give us a shout, OK?
  • Hmm, a KAP gathering in the S.E corner of the UK could be fun. Whatever, count me in.
  • SueSue
    edited April 2011
    I'll probably be near Otley over the bank holiday so a Yorkshire / North of England KAP meet would be good. Any takers.
    EDIT No I won't. That will be the Spring Bank Holiday.
    Fly High

  • As long as fuel doesn't go up in price too much between now and Easter, I will be in Scotland for KAP week, somewhere between Edinburgh and Montrose, but I have not worked out my exact schedule yet. but would be interested in a KAP meet.

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    I'm near montrose, James is in Edinburgh, sure we can figure something out. Somewhere like Crail in the East Neuk, would be fine, very photogenic.
  • Great initiative, I'll definitely join in!
    @Ramon and Photocerfvolant: if you would meet at Cap Blanc Nez or thereabouts, please keep us posted; I would definitely try and come over from Belgium. I've done quite a lot of KAP on the neighboring beaches for part of my work at Ghent University with Biology students (i.e., low-cost monitoring). I'll have finished that work by then and will present it here on the forum and on other occasions.

  • Otley is of course not far from me Sue. But its also close to Leeds Bradford Airport. I will have a think about suitable locations.

  • ..and Friday 29th April is also the Royal wedding here in UK, so it makes for a long bank holiday weekend!

    We'll be in Lincolnshire for that weekend....

    Andy & Christine
  • Ramon,
    You ca count on me my friend!!!! I'm glad that WWKW was moved back to May.
  • Hi Ramon,
    It will be a pleasure to meet you at Cap Blanc-Nez with the other Emmanuel. See you soon !

  • As a total newbie I'd love to join a gathering of KAPpers somewhere in The Netherlands on one of those weekends.
  • WWkapweek 2011 annoncement (and possible meeting at Blanc Nez) posted on the French kap forum.
    Just let have a common date good for everyone during the week ;o)
    Cheers !
  • I would like to make a suggestion building up on an earlier suggestion in this thread about KAPers trying to get together this week.

    How about we start a new thread for World Wide KAP Week 2011 and have that thread be focused on people coordinating their locations (Country/region-state perhaps) to leave this thread open to other details?
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