Easy Gyro set up ?

edited July 2011 in KAP Gear Sources
Been watching a few youtube videos of guys flying Quadcopters drones with FVP (1st person view) cameras mounted and several are using FY-20 stabilisation

Checkout this guys web page showing his set up on a quadcopter

Anyone else tried this for KAP


  • There are a lot of gudgets in the rc aeromodelism industry that could assist KAP. I am new to KAP but been flying drones for AP several years now. Fy20 is a good solution for a 2 axis camera pan and tilt or. There are some Rc heli stabilazition units like KDS flymentor(around $100) that could be adjusted to work as a 3 axis gyro for your camera rig but it will be a lot of trial and error. If you want my advise AP doesn't need gyros unless you are reffering to video. FPV flights are more enjoyable with a plane. Easy to fly, longer flight times, higher altitudes. :D
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