Strong metal reel - like Henry's handle & another type

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I was looking at a kite on 'Emmakites" website and saw this wonderful creation.
11" Strong Stainless Kite Line Reel / Winder / Lock / 5 Roller/ Brakes Control

Strong metal reel - like Henry's handle

And another type:-

"9.5" Stainless Kite Reel/ Winder with 150LB 1000' Kevlar Line / Lock"

Fly High



  • I've ordered one a week and half ago waiting for it to arrive
    Will report back comparing it to the plastic hoop that I got as soon as it arrives.
  • It looks cool, but the handles on the spool are too close to the center i.m.o.
    It think it will no allow winding with any significant pull?
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    I must agree with Hans' meaning. I have a Stratospool (Thanks WW!), and had to reposition the intermediate handle further from center for it to be useful with even moderate pull.

    ***EDIT: Here you can see the mod...much more mechanical advantage, but still rolls line in quickly

    In other words, having the handles positioned as they are on that VERY beautiful steel reel may actually limit its usefulness on any kite that really pulls.

  • I did away with the one knob on my Stratospool for this very reason, too near the centre spindle and you loose the mechanical advantage.
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    If so inclined, the steel reel can be modified for more pulling capacity by moving one of the handles away from center to the outer hoop. If you know a local welder, this could be done quickly. Voil
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