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I know many people use their GoPro HERO or HERO2 for autoKAP but people kept asking me for a radio control device for these cameras, so here it is.
Works on HERO and HERO2, operation unknown on older GoPro cameras, but it should work as long as the camera has the long thin heroBUS connector.
Depending on camera set-up both video and stills can be controlled from one RC channel or a logic signal.
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  • Hey James,

    I admire people that invent things, and I really do like it, I know that I would never be able to do such things
    but I was wondering if it's the right timing.

    Gopro is going to release their video remote next month
    which looks really neat and appealing if it will work on such distance between the kite and the operator on the ground.
  • Great stuff.
  • Yaniv,
    GoPro have promised a remote for years, I'll eat a gentWIRE-HERO if they make their latest February deadline.
    From what material I can find their system will be based on Bluetooth type technology with a 50-100m range. For short distances that's the one to buy for sure (except its not launched yet :-). Typically experiments in the past suggest that aerial photographers like the security and longer range that RC systems give.
    So, if you already have a RC system (allowing easy addition fo servos for movement), or you want long range then I'm offering a niche solution, gentWIRE-HERO.
  • Nice one James, it takes a KAPper to make KAPers products. The fact that GoPro would do it with Bluetooth shows that. Doubtless a good product if it ever comes but not made by a KAPper.
  • @james: Great to see that you have a remote triggering option available for the GoPro now!

    How does it operate? One pulse to turn the Hero on, and another to turn it off?

    It would have been nice if you could have used a more compact connector - such as this one. With the connector protruding so far out of the camera, I would be concerned about the potential for breaking it off in a bad landing (unless the rig has appropriate protection built into it...).

    The WiFi BacPac page on the GoPro website is currently saying it'll be available in March 2012. From what I've read, it'll use WiFi, not Bluetooth - and it will also support live video streaming. I suspect it will not be cheap.
  • Operation: If using a center biased channel, push one way to switch on the other to switch off. If using a switch on a channel it's just on and off. There is an Operating Manual with more information.
    Size: It was a trade-off after buying several connector styles. The biggest problem is soldering to these tiny connectors in a way that gives a professional finish with strain relief. Actually the connector used has a special PCB inside with the electronics required to make it work!
  • @james: whoops...I missed the link to the operating manual on the gentWIRE-HERO page ;-)

    Re size: I forgot about the need for some electronics to make it work, and just assumed it was an empty shell connector (but something needs to translate the RC signal, so of course it needs electronics somewhere - it would have been nice if the connector was lower-profile, even if the electronics had to be outside the connector...).
  • @mpot
    I agree a lower profile connector would be nice, but I killed 2 birds with one stone. As well as holding the electronics the PCB makes soldering to the 0.5mm pitch connector easier, as well as providing better strain relief.
  • Good news:
    This connector fits the GoPro Pan and Tilt rig perfectly. (after modification of a few parts of the rig.)

    Although finding an angled connector that fits the needed electronics would improve overall looks... ;-)
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