Jones Airfoils Dopero Pro 125 for sale!

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Hello All,

I have a Jones Airfoils Dopero Pro 125 that I am wanting to sell. Fantastic 65sq ft Dopero that was custom made for me by Mike Jones and is Silver, Black and Dark Blue. Not for newbies! If you don't know what it is don't call me please. Call or text me at 972-974-1651 if interested.

Kelly Fitzhugh


  • Got pictures?
    As they say, if there's no pictures, it didn't happen.
  • Too late, Kelly and I made a plan.... Thanks Kelly... :-)
  • Yup, Libertyhere was quick and we have a deal. Thanks
  • I'm so excited to get my new kite. The girl scouts from our town (daiseys, brownies, and girl scouts) all 800 of them are celebrating 100 years of girl scouts by forming a "100" on a soccer field in town on March 12. I want to try get a KAP shot for the local paper, and was worried there might not be enough wind.. ... I'm less worried now, LOL.
  • I have flown this kite with no detectable wind on the ground before after a very long line launch, it is truly amazing . It is a gentle giant though, demands your attention and takes some skill and patience. It does very well up to 5 mph. I have never gone beyond 5mph with this kite as it is strictly low wind only. Have fun, Philip.
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