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Time to clear out a few more nooks & crannies.

All of this equipment has been lightly used, mostly to aid in rig design.

1. Olympus E-P1 Pen w/ 14-42 standard zoom. Flown 2 or 3 times. Near new condition. New price $800.00; sale $275.00

2. Canon Rebel XT w/ 18-55 standard zoom. I bought it refurbished; little used since. Flown 2 or 3 times, usually with the Peleng lens below. My cost $589.00; sale $220.00

3. Peleng f3.5 8mm Fisheye lens for Canon. SOLD

4. CamRemote 2 bundle, including IR plug, IR cable, BEC battery cable, CR camera USB cable. Linnar Edesi's superb, postage-stamp-sized KAP controller. Never left my desk because I don't do Windoze, required to program it. New price $144.00, sale $80.00. If you want an unused copy of Parallels 5.0 for the Mac so you can use Windoze, add $20.00.

USA sales only, please; I'll pay the postage. All sales final, first come, first served. Contact me by email, brooxes at comcast dot net.

Brooks Leffler


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