Tough Gopro Housing

Just found this on the web :

Can provide extra protection to your gopro if things go south.


  • The renderings look very sexy.

    A few things come to mind. While it looks great, it seems to be made out of aluminium, which makes it heavy and relatively expensive. If you're afraid of bumping your rig/GoPro into something, would the standard waterproof case not offer sufficient protection? Would the Headcase solution offer protection if the rig were to fall from great height? If you're unlucky, it will impede your efforts to extract the SD card from the wreckage.

    I personally don't believe in protecting my cameras much. It adds weight and complexity and probably won't be effective anyway should the camera really fall from great height.
  • I saw this on kickstarter a while back, and was intrigued. Unfortunately, the price is ridiculous only to get additional mount points. If the cost came down, I would consider it. Cool design though.
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