PAP Carp Pole purchase 2012

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I'd like to let the group know that several of us have purchased Ron Thompson Gangster 11m carp rods from Tackle2u and had them shipped to the US without any problems.
It's the following model

Shipping is a big part of the cost so if you batch up your order it lowers the price.
An order of 3 rods cost $110 apiece shipped, two rods cost about $118 apiece.


  • Good price. Never heard of this brand though.
  • I think a few UK people have got one - I have.

    Top section (thinnest) not really usable but it still gives 10m+ elevation if you carry it. Very manageable weighing in at just 1kg.

  • I use mine regularly, minus the top section
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    The Ron Thompson Gangster 11m carp pole is a great pole for PAP. I use mine regularly too (without the top 2 sections which are too thin) A special thanks to Dave Mitchell who shipped it from UK to Tahiti !
  • Yes Pierre i have to take two off my by Nikon D100 but i only take one off for my G9 especially if there's no wind. I have my top section glued inside the second at the top end which has stiffened it a little.
  • You can also jam the 2 sections (of the ones before last) together for added strength. I bought mine for GBP 40 from eBay UK.
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