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Originally born and raised in New Jersey, I moved to Wisconsin to go to school for marketing. I spent many years out there and realized New Jersey was not for me and Wisconsin was too cold. Sorry Craig! Then in 1993 I won a sales contest and was shipped down to the Outer Banks. I spent 7 days and learned to hang glide. I was pretty hooked and decided to move to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Instead of pursuing marketing, I decided to become a hang gliding instructor and loved every minute of it! I taught over 8000 people and gave over 500 tandem flights. Everything revolved around flight and this is where I got my love for kites and started to learn to fly stunt kites on the side.

While at Kitty Hawk Kites I had many exciting moments. I was featured on over 10 television shows including Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures, QVC, and Good Morning America. I currently hold the official Outer Banks Soaring record of 7 ½ hours and have won the world's oldest hang gliding competition 2 times.

When running down the sand dunes started to hurt too much, I moved to Raleigh NC to go to school for web-design. After that I moved back to the Outer Banks and got married on Jockey's Ridge to my wonderful wife Michelle and became the on-line sales manger for Kitty Hawk Kites.

In my pursuit to find new and exciting ways to promote kites for the company, I ran into kite fishing on the internet. There was not too much information about it and I kept running into Chris Benton's Kap discussion site. This is where I learned about Kap and fell in love with the idea. I contacted Craig Wilson and he really helped me get started. I also contacted Brooks Leffler and Scott Haefner for help.

My first rig was an ice trigger a disposable camera and a 16 ft mesh delta I borrowed from Kitty Hawk Kites. I made the rig from ideas of Bill Nelson's. That was October 10th 2004. I took a couple photos of Kitty Hawk Kites from Jockey's Ridge. I was really excited to get to the digital part of my new hobby. At that point I went on as many kap sessions as I could and used Chris Benton's discussion board for help building my several rigs.

In the interim, I left Kitty Hawk Kites and started Outer Banks Productions. I primarily perform wedding videography services, web-design and some photography. The business gives me the freedom to go and Kap whenever I like.

I then made a deal with Scott Haefner to teach him some hang gliding and trade him for some Kap lessons. Scott and his girlfriend then flew out to the Outer Banks and stayed at our place for a week. They got to hang glide and I got to watch Scott do his stuff. We did some Kap on Jockey's Ridge, at Bodie Island Light House and Scott even did some Kap at a beach wedding I was filming. What I learned made all the difference. I now Kap every chance I get and hope to never stop.

I fly using 2 Suttons. A 16 and a 30. I've made 4 rigs, have 2 fuzzie tails, use a Futaba 6EXAS 6-Channel programmable controller. I shoot with an Optio S5i. I use an extension cord winder as my reel and have leather gloves. I also use a $20 wireless camera from ebay along with a DVD player as my screen. I will be getting a Dopero and making a new rig this year. I also have a Kap Feather from Jones Airfoils which shows a lot of promise.

My wife and I are both Christians. She got saved in N.J. and I took a little longer but I finally got saved here in North Carolina a couple years ago. We both recently were baptized and go to a wonderful Assembly of God church called the Ark International Church. It's amazing to see how our lives have changed so much along with our faith. You would expect and engineer type person, like myself, to believe in the big bang but to be honest, when I see how complex and perfect the world is, it's impossible to believe everything like this just happened by chance and kayos. If kayos were a good way to design things, I could just though all my aluminum, Gentleds, pulleys and servos in the air and have my Kap rig finished when it hit the ground! I hope if you don't know Jesus, you will one day.

Special Kap thanks to:
Chris Benton
Craig Wilson
Brooks Leffler
Scott Haefner
Wicherd Knetemann
James Gentles

I couldn't have done it without all of your wonderfull help!

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