roll axis installation

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I would be grateful for any suggestion/pictures for the modification for BROOXES BASIC FRAME needed for the modification of the frame for roll axis installation with GS-1 Gyro stabilized Servo (using Sony Nex-5n camera).
Thank you


  • edited April 2012, on Flickr">Gyro stabilized rig (3/4 back)
  • Thank you Peter.
    Do the kapshop sells the metal piece the camera sits on and connected to GS-1 Gyro stabilized Servo ? What is the benefits of the two orange wheels at the back of the camera in the above picture?
  • That is a HOVER rig - the two orange gears let the camera be turned 90 degrees between landscape mode and portrait mode. Using a gyro stabilised servo for this means you can stabilise roll.
  • With the gears you can separate the servo axis from the roll axis. And that means you can make the roll axis stronger.
    The extra bracket is the Brooxes Better Gear Guide. Yes, the same one that is used for the pan servo.
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