Short Review : Emmakite's 9f Delta Conyne

In one word : Bbbahhhh !

Got it today morning and already tested it outside,
the stitches are very bad and most velcros left in my hands when I tried to close them on the spars.

I went airborne at about 5-10km/h but the kite falls after several seconds
while another delta (10f) form emma's that I got here stays airborne on a slack line.


  • Dont let that put you off deltas for KAP.

    Sometimes we get what we pay for, sometimes we get lucky. But if you want to be sure, choose a well known make that other KAPpers use.

  • Hey Simon,

    I love deltas and not going to give up on them,
    I know well that Emma is not a reliable source for good quality kites.

    The price difference between them and other sources in the states and europe was the only reason
    that I took that risk of 25$ (which sometimes can be about 10% of the price in the west).
  • Hey Yaniv,

    I've had two very different experiences with Emmakites. First, I, like you, bought a 9ft. delta and 9ft. delta conyne, for around $25 each. Good shipping, and granted the kites were made to a lesser standard than that of ITW, Gomberg, Kapshop, etc., they were good bang for the buck, I've found. I use my DC for high altitude (>1000ft.) aerial capture, and just yesterday put my DC with duct tape on the ends up to just over 2000ft.

    Having said that, with the time I've spent reinforcing them, it's better to either buy from one of the better quality producers, or do as I am and build your own. You can find materials, and with time and practice, you'll make a solid quality kite for a fraction of the price. Also, I've just placed another order, for several more kites, though (first order was off ebay), and after 2.5 weeks it's still in Beijing and she has yet to respond to my 4 emails.

    Bottom line?. I do NOT recommend Emmakites. In fact, avoid them like the plague, I reckon.

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    Delta DC 7.5' Premier Kites
  • Bryce,

    Emma has been away (holiday or business trip?) and returned today, July 9, hence no email response. As a virtually one-woman business, I guess she has to have a break sometime.

    I agree with your comment about "bang for the buck," and also what you say about being better off going for a good quality kite initially instead of trying to "upgrade" a poor quality one. I said the same in a comment on another post recently. I still can't understand why anyone would expect kites from Emma to be of the same standard as those from Into the Wind or Gomberg, for instance, at such a low price. You get what you pay for!

    Emma is not pretending to sell high-quality KAP kites. She does, however, offer good value and reasonable quality to those wanting recreational kites. I think advice to "avoid them like the plague" is therefore somewhat unfair. KAP exponents naturally place higher demands on kites than do most other people, so they should have enough sense to realise they need to pay the appropriate price. Or if they are, like many members of this forum, cleverer than I am, to make their own.

  • Just wanted to interject a comment here. It should be noted that most, if not all, the kites sold by Emma, are replicas, albeit poorly made, copies of legitimate manufacturers' kites. Like Premier and Gomberg, Into The Wind has spent considerable time, effort and dollars introducing high quality original designs to the market. I can't tell you how disappointing it is to see virtual duplicates of these kites being sold and purchased at a fraction of the cost. In the end, kites that disintegrate or don
  • MaryAnn is right, of course, about the copies. But I do know that Emma has tried more recently to break away from the copied designs and come up with original ones - not easy to do in China, where the rip-off mentality is rife. I would certainly recommend any would-be kiteflier to buy quality to begin with, as a kite should be a long-term investment. It should also fly well, which some of the cheaper ones don't. There will always be those people who want a "bargain," however, and Emma's site is certainly more trustworthy than many others, which can be dodgy to say the least. But the KAP community, being intelligent, discerning and wise, will no doubt stick to the "good" brands such as ITW. As I mentioned before, you invariably get what you pay for!

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    Cheap, crudely made kite is a bad combination with KAP, is simply unnecessary expense. It is just the same situation as with a very cheap mountain bike. After all, even good designs, also have their weaknesses. With hanged rig, requirements for the perfection of flight, rising 200%! ;)

  • my experience with Emma was a positive one, it was limited to reels and line but i got a fair price with quick shipment, never bought a kite from her tough.
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