Fab Lab Manchester UK

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Just watching a UK TV programme called the Gadget Show C5, they visited a Fab Lab in Manchester. Short for Fabrication Laboratory Fab Lab I believe there are over 100 such labs world wide. They have been set up to allow individuals access to CNC and 3D printing plus lots of other cool technology. I believe that you can prebook on the weekend and use the facilities on a community project basis. They have all the software, computer space plus people to show you how to!

Now anyone living near one of these Fab Labs could use them to design and make a rig or two.


  • Yes, they are great! We have one here in Arnhem, the Netherlands, after an introductory course, I am planning to make an ortho rig there this month using the lasercutter they have.
  • I was very happy to see that there is a FAB LAB in Tel-Aviv too (after searching in google maps)
    I was not so happy after visiting their website : http://www.fablabtlv.com/
  • LoL those thigh boots look interesting. ;-)
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