Source of carbon and fibreglass spars in Europe?

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I wonder if anyone know of any good (affordable) seller of high quality carbon fibre and fibreglass spars (and possibly also other kite spare parts) that will ship to Sweden?

Cheers, Jens.


  • Hi Jens,

    Please check out
    They do have what you need, but I'm not sure wether they ship to Sweden!

    You can find the stuff under "materialen" and "stokken" (Dutch for materials and sticks, tubing)

    Good Luck!


  • Thanks Bas,

    I'll send them an e-mail and ask for shipping costs.

    Hopefully I'll then be able to upgrade my 7
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    You may also give a try to in germany!

    They are very friendly and fast! Prices are good for germany too!


    In case of a seven point bridle, you may use 6mm horizontal, and 8mm vertical up to winds about 3 Bft. or more!

    Tiggr (aka Marcus)
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    The original source is here in Finland Exel Composites. My self-made kayak is from Exel-rods. Also I happen to own this company (well part of it). But there is no good distributor in Finland anymore. Last time I needed more rods, I got them from Germany 15
  • Thanks for the input.

    Metropolis drachen charges
  • Nokoboat, erased from Wikipedia Perkele.
  • ... he he - watch your keystrokes ;-)

    Nice Kayak! Looks like a real 1-man expedition thing.

    Cheers, Jens.
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    Metropolis drachen charges
  • Actually, Tiggr,

    I have to correct that. It was what was stated on their website but I mailed them and aske how much more it would cost to send extra long sticks.

    They responded that the shipping is
  • jebir: "Extra long sticks"

    Does this mean that you can order sticks of some arbitrary length? -- "My" factory produces nice 9 meter sticks and it is the distributor who cuts them shorter. My favorite is 110 cm, because this is the max length which fits into backsite of a Lada-taxi in some 3rd world country. provides only 150 cm sticks, which is somewhat unconvenient.
  • timonoko,

    for shipping to Sweden, they said the maximum length is 2 meters. Since they have longer sticks, maybe they could ship them at a higher rate? I don't need very long ones as I want to make the new frame set as travellable as possible.

    If you have stakes in the EXEL factory, couldn't you pursue a Finnish hobby/art store to take in their products?

    Cheers, Jens
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    Does this mean that you can order sticks of some arbitrary length?
    Yes! Or maybee! As we did our Funky Alien-Workshop, they were able to provide me with 3mm-cfk in a length of 1,25m. But I don't know how much you have to buy, to get a non-standard length. I took 80 rods of a length of 1,25m!

    But just ask them, they are realy nice people. They are realy trying to help!

    Tiggr (aka Marcus)

    PS: Thanks again to Normand, for giving us the permission to do a funky alien workshop!

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