Kite bag in the UK, Aldi

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Just popped into an Aldi here in the UK, they have their fishing gear in stock this week, 1st week in August. I picked up one of the fishing rod holdall bags for around


  • While I nwas there I pick up a fishing bag for my rig and bits.
  • Strange serendipity, I just came from a concertina forum where a member suggested using their tackle bag for carrying your instrument in. I've been using one for a couple of years for that purpose. Came to this forum to find the rod bag recommendation. I have been using one of these too for my kites and carp pole for a while now. I must be some sort of serendipitous trend- setter who happens to have two niche interests that favour the use of Aldi fishing bags.
  • I was there yesterday too!
    You may have noticed that their carp pole is 1m shorter than it used to be.

    I bought the field boots ;o)
  • I got a pair of the boots as well, will come in handy while walking around frozen fields this winter. I had not noticed the carp poles John.
  • Whilst your busy trying on the field boots and testing the poles for length make sure you don't overstay in the carpark. LLidl charge
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