Buying KAP stuff from US suppliers - UK VAT costs?

It seems impossible to get Black dacron line from UK suppliers at present. I don't mean "Climax Black Dacron", which is white with black flecks, but pure black line like the stuff below.

Goodwinds in the US sell it - $25 for 1000' of 250lb line which will last me for years. They will ship it to the UK at cost (making the total low enough to escape import duty), but I fear the UK imposition of VAT (and the extra associated 'handling charges' imposed by the UK Post Office) will add significantly to the cost.

Does anyone in the UK have recent experience of importing line (or other KAP stuff) from the US? If so, what sort of percentage did the VAT costs add?


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    Dave I understand that the additional costs are VAT plus an Admin fee of
  • Thanks Peter, looking at the pages on VAT on imports, it looks like they include shipping costs in their calculations, so the 250lb line would certainly be over the limit. I think I'll take your advice try the 200lb line and see what happens (and report back here when it arrives).
  • I've just found this link which may be useful for all of us. Not had much time to look at in depth.
    Duty Calculator for UK
  • Dave-

    Nearly a year ago I bought several spools of black dacron from Goodwinds. Right out of the gate while messing around with some rated at, as I recall,
    150 - 160#, it parted at just over 40# ! Not encouraging. Not for KAP or anything else!
    I contacted them, and they seemed quite nice and said I should send it back for credit, which I have yet to do.

    This is not meant as a slam to Goodwinds; rather it is simply a heads-up to a fellow Kapper. My bet is it was a fluke. I still didn't like it!

    For my money, I would deal with Brooks; I have, and often . Problem is, I think he only ships to North America. But it's worth a query. Line I subsequently
    bought from him has served me well. I he had shoes for sale that he told me I could use to walk on air, I'm sure I'd believe him! Not sure I'd buy 'em...
    If he's selling black dacron, you can bet within any reasonable expectation, it's good.

    Don't know if there's a work around - if you and maybe others put together an order it could ship to me from Brooks, Kitestudio, or whomever, I'd forward it to you; I'd be willing to do just about anything legal......

  • I usually order from Brooxes, and use a mail forwarding service, such as or

    Disclaimer: I actually use neither since they charge by volumetric weight. The service I use charges purely by weight - great for ordering framed kites!
  • Black line of dependable quality is available from Gomberg Kites but at about twice the price of the Goodwinds line Dave quoted. 1000 feet of 200lb is US$55, 300lb is $60. I have used the 200lb and found it to be very good. I would not use a line I wasn't sure about with a valuable kite, still less with a KAP rig as well.

  • but how about kapshop? They have (or at least recently -- ordered just 1 month ago) real black (not white with some black stripes) dacron line. It's EU so probably less troubles.

  • Dave,

    Check out Manni Kluge at Kites4U. I bought some black dacron from him a couple of months ago and he possibly still has some in stock. it was specially made for him and imported from Germany as I recall. Other than that, i have bought black line from Seigers Vliegers and from the kite shop at Stella Plage (sorry can't remember their name)
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    If you are in the UK, I would also recommend you check Manni Kluge @ Kites4U. The real back story to that line is that I contacted him to have it made for Jones Airfoils to my specifications just for KAP, so it is actually Jones Airfoils KAP Line which you can also find here: I surveyed what I thought were the world's best/most known kite line makers for a good KAP line, and decided on the quality and feel of his Climax Line but had to have it dyed black at the factory in Germany for KAPers that perfer that, since it originally came flecked. I have had nothing but compliments on this line. I very rarely check here, so if you have questions for me you'd like answered promptly, you can do that here:

    I have it for USA KAPers, but I also ship worldwide. Obviously, if you are in the UK the shipping and what not will be cheaper for you with Manni.
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    Gareth and Mike - that sounds terrific. I'll contact Manni (I have in fact bought normal Climax Dacron from him in the past, but his website makes no mention of pure black).
    Postscript - just spoken to Manni - he has none in stock, but will check with his German supplier if they have some left.
  • Hi Dave, dont know if this will help this time - but the following company are very helpful, and will send you a swatch of products to look at f.o.c - so you can have a good feel of the stuff first.....

    English Braids
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    Dave- I don't think Manni listed it because it was made custom for me and I got most of it. Then I sent him referrals like Gareth, which I guess was enough to deplete his reserves. He mostly sells the flecked dacron line. I have miles of some stock left and will have more made to my specs when needed, hopefully soon. When I re-up with another run I am sure Manni will keep some for himself. Each spool is 1000' 150# so for you in your area, with your height limitations, you could get several flying lines from 1 spool. I have some tricks for the customs guy, so you won't have to pay too much extra.
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