Laser Cut rig parts

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I've built a couple of KAP related templates and put them up on thingiverse.

The first was a picavet for the rubber band and pop bottle rig designed by the smart folks at . To be honest, I haven't used it with a camera after building my first autokap rig. I have been using it with a liter of water as a dummy load.

Recently I've been playing with a light weight camera rig. I've used different plywood, from 2.5 to 5 mmm. I intended to use carbon fiber for the struts, but I find aluminum so much less involved to work with that I may not get around to it. Here's a picture of the most recent prototype. image. Currently around 430 grams as an arduino AutoKap. There's some obvious fine tuning to be done.

Thin wood works fine if you orient the grain & avoid side blows. I broke several picavet arms when a pop bottle rig tipped and dragged. For the current rig I ended up doubling the side supports, but I'd love to find some 5 or 6 ply in 3mm and see if that was enough.


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