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Hello Everybody!!
When is the WWKW going to take place? Did Ramon already set the dates?
Did I miss the announcement?
Thanks and regards


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    Is it telepathy? Good topic you just started, Ramiro!

    Good day to all of you KAPers, where ever you are and whatever you do. Today I was doing some brainy stuff at work and realized that it's been a while I was out doing KAP. And I also realized it is March again. Time to calenderize the

    World Wide KAP Week 2013.

    Well, here we go.....

    Friday, April 26th - Sunday, May 5th.

    The rules are the same as the rules of last year. And the year before. And the year before that year. So nothing really changes, just go out and do the thing. The thing we're good at and enjoy that much. On your own or with others.

    KAP till you snap!
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    I hope that my new dopero will be ready. I need to start sewing! ;O))
  • Ramon,
    Thanks for the info!!! Of course you can count me in!!!
  • That makes at least 3 that will make it happen again, Ramiro.

    Gracias, hombre!
  • I won't be able to take the week off the way I like to, but I'm all for packing the weekends on either end with as much KAP as I can stand. (That's a LOT, by the way!) And if there's any way I can swing a KAP project for work, I'm in!!

  • I've got it in the diary. Hope the weather is as good all last year for us all. We had summer that week. Then it went normal and rainy again!

    Fly High

  • Here's a question:

    Almost every WWKW I've had something new to try - a new kite, a new camera, a new subject, a new technique, something. I've got a couple of projects in the works this year, but there's no way I'll complete any of them in time for World Wide KAP Week. This year I got nothin'.

    So I'm curious if anyone else has anything special planned. Any new spots to fly? New lighting conditions? New gear? Or even a new season to photograph a spot you normally KAP some other time of the year?

    Yeah... I'm fishing for ideas. My time is limited this year, so I want to make it count!

  • Video footage?
    I'm trying to build up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw4DIz7Dx0s from around our coastline by spooling out line quickly so the camera rig hovers across land and sea while slowly rotating before slowly braking the reel with my hand so the rig climbs and shows the bigger picture.
    You only have a short window with WWKW but it is something that might float your boat?!
  • How about a "most unusual KAP kite" section? I once flew a camera from a 22.5ft (7m) inflatable fish. Not very good results, as it flew at too low an angle, but I might try something else, like a 50ft octopus or who knows what. I am much more a kite-flier than a KAPper, so I have plenty of kites to choose from.

  • Tom,
    I'm planing to go back to a location I visited this summer and had an unsuccessful KAP session.
    This is particularly difficult since it is around 400km from home and implies 16km of off road driving and I don't have a 4x4 vehicle. :-( :-( :-(
    Once there, the site is very challenging since you can get close to the target easily.
  • New camera and possibly new kite.

    I've had a problem with a "smudge" on images from my faithfull Canon G9. After cleaning the lens the smudge is still there, so I assume it is a dust particle or something on the sensor. rather than "deconstruct" the camera I decided to update, and after searching ended up with a Panasonic G2. Having come with a kit zoom lens, I need to invest in a pancake lens (probably a sigma) and also a new Gent something or other, but at the moment I am just experimenting with and getting used to the camera.

    At our kite club AGM we always have an auction. This year I came away with a nice winged box and a small flowform. Again I need to get some air time on these kites (will it ever stop raining in the UK?) but they should widen my wind range.
  • The ground hasn't been dry since last April here in Scotland. Fields are sodden and waterlogged no winter wheat got sown, and now they can't get the spring wheat in. Or hardly any other crops.

    As for KAP grey skies and rain. I've forgotten what flying a kite is like.
  • We tend to go camping after the main season has ended. So the wife and myself invested in a full wet suit each a few years ago, we both love the sea but never really get the chance to swim in the summer, but enjoy the cooler water now! I've been thinking about breaking out the suit just to KAP, yet again another weekend that has water falling from the sky, not a happy bunny at the moment.
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    Will try and get the kids to make a kite and fly it :>
  • I might see if I can wheedle at least one overnight camping session out of my family. There are some spots I haven't visited in three or four years that I'd like to see again. So far I'm just trying to get all my gear in tip-top shape before WWKW comes around. Nothing new really, just newly repaired and tuned.

  • Turns out I will be testing new gear this year. I'm replacing the video monitor on my ground radio. Long story, but it'll be a good change and a fun one to play with during WWKW.

    Also, I fixed my Fled after more than a year of it sitting in a closet. My failed attempt to make repairs is what prompted Rydra to buy a new sewing machine. Funny thing is, I was so mad at how poorly my previous repair went, I never actually tried fixing it on the new machine! It's amazing how easy the job was the second time 'round. All the frayed Velcro is replaced now, and the kite flies like a dream. I got it in a thermal yesterday, and was still flying it when the wind on the ground completely died. FUUUUN! A couple of people wondered how I could fly a kite without wind. I couldn't stop laughing and smiling. Stairway to heaven, baby!

    So I guess I have a new kite for WWKW as well! YAY!

  • Well and all my equipment is new: a new NEX 5R to replace the one I dunked in the Bay, a Levitation Delta (w/ 1000' of 200 lb line on a 9" Halo Hoop Winder) to upgrade from my PowerSled 24, and a Horizontal Brooxes Electric Auto-KAP rather than the budget DIY job that I've used until now. It's more than I can afford, really, but I'm just like any other addict - getting enough KAP is the only thing that matters.

    This brings me to a question. What is World Wide Kap Week? I see that it takes place between Friday, April 26th and Sunday, May 5th; and that the rules are the same as the rules of last year...but, uh, I didn't exist last year. Can anyone help this ignorant neophyte?
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    Basically the aim is to get out and take photos during the week and post them on Flickr here:
    Some years a book has been published with the best photos.

    Snaphappy - I notice you have the NEX-5R. Have you tried it with the remote control app that enables you to use a smartphone (Android or iPhone) as a remote viewfinder and trigger? If so what is the the range of the remote control - is it practical for KAP?
  • This year in France, we have a special festival kap at Notre-Dame-du-Mont, in the Vendée from 1 to 5 May: right in the WWKW ;o)
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    Tony, I have been intrigued by the possibilities of the smartphone remote control app. Sadly, I do not own a smartphone and cannot say authoritatively whether it is at all practical. But every example that I've seen of its use has been short range - until someone demonstrates otherwise, I'll have to consider the remote viewfinder and trigger phone app to be an idle gimmick. Oh, with a lot of potential, to be sure, but of no real use.
  • The whole idea behind World Wide KAP Week is that not everyone can travel to the KAP conventions, so this is a convention you don't have to travel to. All around the world, KAPers make the effort to get out, do some KAP, and share their experiences both good and bad. At the end of each day, each KAPer picks a couple of photos to represent their day of KAP, and posts them to the WWKW group on Flickr. For some these are the best of their photos from that day. For others it's photos that help illustrate a story: a kite flat on the ground for a day with no wind, a windblown tree from someone who had too much wind, a rain-covered window pane from the KAPer who was stuck inside all day, or a glorious sunset photographed from ten feet up because a KAPer forgot their winder, and had to rely on their shoelaces (I haven't actually seen that one yet!) But you get the idea.

    World Wide KAP Week is a chance for KAPers to do KAP, share with other KAPers, and not have to explain why we hang cameras from kites.

  • Well said, Tom, that's exactly why this guy from NL started this idea back in 2008 - just go out there and have fun, if possible with a kite up in the air and a rig with camera attached to the kite line if it isn't too much trouble for Mrs. and Mr. Wind.

    Just over two weeks and we start the 6th edition of WWKW. The 6th! Time flies! And let's hope our kites fly during WWKW 2013!


  • I've missed a few years but I'm back in this year.
  • That's great, Rob!
  • Hi folks,

    It's less than a week to the start of WWKW 2013! Check all that's necessary to get your stuff aloft to make this year's episode a success. Same story as always, WWKW is about having fun and dealing with the challenges in a positive way (I know, it's not always that easy). Also the failures are part of this week long journey.

    Add your contributions to the flickr pool http://www.flickr.com/groups/wwkapweekend/.

    Ron Marcisak brought this to my attention: http://www.nationalkitemonth.org/, a project that coincides with WWKW this year.


  • I just finished building my first rig this morning and I'm excited to try my hand at WWKW 2013. Here's hoping northern Michigan doesn't get another big snowstorm then!
  • A reminder as to how it all started back in 2008 from the first book. Done as a slide show.

    WWKW 2008 Book

  • Hmmmm... Right now I'm slated to be at work at the summit on Friday while some heavy steel work is being done on our building. Hmmm... WWKW 2013 starts on Friday... If I can't weasel out of being up here, I'm going to bring my KAP gear and get some photos from above!

    World Wide KAP Week, here I come!

  • I'm getting "THE WWKP BANNER" in time for WWKW ! yippee.

    Double joy. Decent forecast as well.

    Fly High

  • Triple joy, Sue, as the weather at your end seems to be ally as well. The weatherforecast is slightly worse for NL.

    Were only a couple of hours away from the start of WWKW 2013. So, all that will participate in this year's WWKW, I wish you all the success, luck and fun in the world. Make the most out of it. And if the weather or any other element is between you and a KAP session, don't be sad. Next year there will be another one!


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